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9/12/2007 c13 12goddess on earth
Aw, that was a good story, i do hope you change you mind and make a sequal though! (maybe a kurkag pairing!)
9/12/2007 c13 5Raine44354
that was good. thats so sad that youko had to die. he's too cool to die so soon. just like the bat, who's name i cant spell. i liked it.

Bye. Bye.!
9/11/2007 c1 Raine44354
this is so i remember im reading this... but so far so good.

8/9/2007 c13 NeonAlchemist
Great ending! i just have one question...was the women Kagome?
8/8/2007 c13 7Pure Shikon
Yes! Hey, are you gonna have a sequel, or are Shippo and Kagura going to think that Yoko is dead? Also, about what level is Shippo ranked now on the Spirit World ranks? This was a great story, good job!
8/7/2007 c13 Temari
Aw... I want a sequel! Let's see if Kurama and Kagome get reunited with what's left of the Inu gang. So if the Shikon jewel was burned with Kohaku's body, does it mean that somewhere out there, Kohaku's reincarnation MIGHT have the jewel inside his own body like Kagome did?
8/6/2007 c13 25Link Fangirl01
I wonder if this is when he's born as Shuichi? Hm?

Very good story, XD
8/6/2007 c13 J
Brilliant story
8/5/2007 c13 heartslogos
tnx you for tnxing me... omg i'm gonna have to read it again to find out wut his decision was...lol this was a good ending...is there gonna be a sequel to this one? if no TT_TT if yes XD
8/2/2007 c12 heartslogos
O.O omigawd...HURRY UP WIT THE EPILOGUE!sorry if that seemed demanding...which it probably did -.-;; but i realy love this story! i can't wait to read what's going to happen! but unfortunately i'm gonna have 2 if u don't update soon...^-^u
8/1/2007 c12 7Pure Shikon
Awsome! AH! I wanta know his answer! PLEASE UPDATE!
7/30/2007 c12 NeonAlchemist
OMGosh! please update! i gotta know what shippo's choice is...will he stay with his dad or will he stay with kagome? i love the story :)
7/29/2007 c12 4Serenity Dinago
well if shippo thinks kagome as his mother andi no youko is his dad so why not put two and two together and have youko still be the dad and kagome be the mom so shippo can have a happy family. inuyasha got kikyo
6/28/2007 c11 8Bloodcherry
It's too bad that Kuronue had to die. I like him, he's awesome! Pitty... *sigh* Anyway, I still love this story and it was a cool chapter! I loved how Youko is even more calculating when he's out for revenge. It fits him. XD Anyway, I hope you can update soon!

Ja ne,

6/27/2007 c11 7Pure Shikon
Aww...Kuronue...TT What's plan B? Gotta know, gotta know, gotta know, know, know, gotta know, gotta know, gotta know, know, know, gotta know, gotta know, gotta know, know, know, gotta know, gotta know, know, know! Please update!
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