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6/27/2007 c11 2uniqu3s0u7
Please update soon. Is there any main pairings for this story? It's really good. Please update soon.
6/27/2007 c11 25Link Fangirl01
ah yes, revenge is sweet. -cackles-
6/26/2007 c11 NeonAlchemist
OMG please update! i gotta know what happens next!
6/22/2007 c10 NeonAlchemist
*gasp* no not Kuronue! Please update! i gotta know what happens next!
6/21/2007 c10 8Bloodcherry
Ouch... that gotta hurt! XD I loved how you planned out that scene! It's exactly like the real one! *laughs* I could just imagine it like the real scene, it's amazing! *smiles* You know I will never stop reading this story. *grins* I'm a faithful reader. XD I hope you can update soon!

Ja ne,

6/19/2007 c10 moonimp52
yay ^_^ *pocky and glomps* =p teheh hurry and update again ^_^
6/18/2007 c10 25Link Fangirl01

he called him Kurama instead of youko...
6/18/2007 c1 InuJoey
I liked it..

Uh oh. Kilala Just ate my mouse. (Goes n buys a new mouse.
6/18/2007 c10 33S. T. Nickolian
WAH! I didn't want him to die! I was hoping that he wouldn't... Sniff. Poor Youko. Update soon!
6/18/2007 c3 25Link Fangirl01
Kikyo wants Naraku. Boy that sounds wrong on SO many levels.

genius idea of using Kurama for his father
6/18/2007 c10 A Little Illumination
I'm first on the list! w00t! Thanx for the recognition though. Don't feel bad about the update though. Look at my stories, and you'll see that I've probably been one of the worst authors on those EVER. It's just hard to get ideas sometimes, you know? Anywayz, I love this. I'm kinda sad that Kuronue died though... Maybe in the story though, it can be different, and he won't have to die? You control it all, my friend... ;)
3/7/2007 c9 5Dragonsdaughter1
Could you please update sometime soon? The story is really interesting and I'd love to see where you're going with it.
12/4/2006 c9 VirginiasGirl
AWESOME please update
8/10/2006 c9 33S. T. Nickolian
Aw.. Hurry up! I want to know what happens! You're doing a great job so far, and it's too early for you to stop yet! UPDATE!
8/8/2006 c8 S. T. Nickolian
That's not all is it? I hope not. Youko is going to have to tell him, now and Shippo probably isn't going to take it well. Maybe Youko will get with Kagome, but hey, I'm not the author. Great job and can't wait to read more!
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