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7/7/2006 c9 21anime-queen46
update this pleae its really good
6/23/2006 c9 AnimeOtakuBara
Update again soon
6/21/2006 c9 10Shimoyuki
Wow...either I'm slow or I've been like reading your other fanfics besides this one, but, you have over 60 reviews? I must be quite slow...haha. But anyway keep up the work as you always say to me when I typed my stories.
6/19/2006 c9 4XoXtessieXoX
I was waiting a long time for this and it was worth it! update soon
6/19/2006 c9 thelittlestcrane
No, you did a good job on this chapter, I know what you mean when you have teachers piling things up on you, but this chapter was good. I hope to read the next one soon!
6/18/2006 c9 NeonAlchemist
Great chapter! I hope everything goes Okay with yoko and shippo.
6/18/2006 c9 sable
short chapter, but still good. Poor little Shippo!
6/18/2006 c9 7Pure Shikon
That was good! Why do you think it was bad? You started it out well, you characterized everyone very well, and you ended it on a cliffy. A good beginning, middle, and end! Please update!
6/18/2006 c9 8Bloodcherry
Why, thank you! I know I rock! Hahahahahahaha! Kidding! Anyway, I did like this chapter and I have to cogratulate you for actually trying to continue though you didn't feel that inspired... SO... yeeaah... Update soon onegai! Heh!

Ja ne,

6/17/2006 c9 A Little Illumination
Awesome. Very awesome. Though I wish it were longer, I really do like the wording and everything. It's quite wonderfully done. No errors in spelling or anything! I'm very impressed. Thanks for writing such a good story, (none of mine are this good, I don't think). Please update soon, m'kay?


Ja Ne!

5/23/2006 c8 thelittlestcrane
It's really good, i love it. please update soon, and is youko gonna pair up with someone later on or stay alone, cuse coughkagomecough is like a mother to shippo and they as in coughyoukoandkagomecough make such a cute couple.
5/20/2006 c8 5FireFox ShadowWolf
please update soon this is cool
5/10/2006 c8 sable
Poor Shippo! I feel so sorry for him. Come to think of it, in porbibly going to feel sorry for him for a while. Good chapter. Update soon!
4/27/2006 c8 8Bloodcherry
Mew? Er... yeah, random I know... Late, but hell! I don't care as long you update! *wink* Besides people do have a real life out there besides updating stories and stuff, ne? Anyway! Update soon, or when your ready, Ja ne! =3
4/25/2006 c8 sleep all night rock all day
I really liked this chapter... heck I love the whole story ^_^. However, I thought I should address this in chapter four. Naraku was born when the thief Onigumo merged his body with countless demons, so technically Naraku doesn't have any parents. I thought I should point that out since it is a canonical fact. I am so confused...
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