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6/12/2010 c8 18xXxShiniXKazexXx
This is interesting. Are you ever going to continue?
5/17/2008 c8 1ellesra
Please, please, please update? Please? xD
11/9/2007 c8 9CyberArcRotarr
You know...I am starting to like this defense professor.

Good Story.
12/23/2006 c8 gredior
So nice
12/1/2006 c7 10SaWa-San
Cool chapter, and so absolutely typical for Harry.. sorry, Mordecai... to land himself in such a situation.

And why do I get the feeling that that James fellow is just another Harry Potter gone into the past or something similar?

11/28/2006 c7 PSTurner
No, you got to be kidding, Sultzey is Potter? I figured he was someone, but could not figure out who? I also thoght that Sultzey in the modern time was probably Harry playing around.

I really look forward to your updates.

Thanks for writing

11/28/2006 c3 PSTurner
well, I have to say, I am enjoying this so far.

On to the next chapter.

Thanks for writing

11/27/2006 c7 Asmodeaus
I get the references b/w each of the James, but those who DO have issues w/ it, might find it easier if you refered to them by surname. Or if it's a Gryff ally, use Potter's first name and refer to the other by his surrname. or vica versa when Mordecai is speaking. But i know how you LOVE to confuse us, having been on the recieveing end of your confusing writing style, as has Nivek. *remembers the un forgettable "Tha' way" line from Nathaneil*

Good Chap, keep it up, although i won't pressure u seeing as u'll prolly come to my house and nife me *winks*

11/27/2006 c7 7Lifestyle
Man- loved this chapter. The word arrangement was just so... clever, I guess you could say.

Excellent job, lad.

Hope a new chapter comes soon. ;)
11/27/2006 c7 Sentrosi
11/25/2006 c7 CloudySky
Well, you've certainly made me think. I think I've figured out why James seems to suck at duelling, now I just need to work out how he got into sixth year... Guess the answer to that one would be "magic". I do wonder why Mordecai didn't notice the form James' shield took. Did he get a magical lobotomy when James arrived or something? Then again, some things are pretty far-fetched if you don't spend all your spare time reading fanfiction, and Harry has never been all that good at thinking things through. I suppose I'm a bit disappointed at Mordecai's duelling skills too, but that might well be a consequence of reading too many super!Harry fics.

On the whole, I'm pretty intrigued by this fic. I want to know if my guesses are right, or the 'clues' that you appear to have placed in the text are just delusions of mine. Please write more?

11/22/2006 c7 1alwaysariyana
wonderful, it was funny as well. keep at it.
11/22/2006 c7 Sister of Death
Good story, please keep writing!
4/7/2006 c6 Rome28
good chap, i look forward to updates
3/29/2006 c6 alwaysariyana
Nice work, hope you keep it up.
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