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for the crystals unite

11/9/2005 c22 1givemeurcash
well..i think you ended it too soon!
11/8/2005 c19 givemeurcash
hey i liked the way she said her last line..real funny!

11/7/2005 c17 givemeurcash
hope you update soon
11/5/2005 c1 GigGL3zz
o you reviewed? hehehe. anyways keep on updating! it's great! i'll come back later for updates again! and also... how about reviewing on how i did on chap.2 eh? lolz. you don't have to review, if you don't want to... ^_~

11/2/2005 c13 givemeurcash cant stop now!
10/30/2005 c3 9Neonlights
whoa! update! i checked it out like you asked! i like it!
10/27/2005 c4 GigGL3zz
^_^ Thanks for reviewing! hehehe. Kute story here you have. Welp anyways... I'll post up chapter 2 when I have the time ok? So don't worry. And I'll come back for more updates! Buh byez! ^_~
10/25/2005 c4 2RockNRollN
Hey! Thanks for the review on my story. : )

I really appreciated it!

Your story is cute! I like it. Keep up the good work!
10/23/2005 c4 8Jill Annette
What did she let Mr. Christopher do? This is nice and original. Who'd have though Seiya as a true villian?

There are a few typos... but who doesn't have those? Good job. Keep it up!

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