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7/11/2014 c7 1TheGreatANGSTHATER
I'm so glad you found something more worthwhile. Inuyasha was crap. I only enjoy the fan fiction now. I sometimes wish I could rescue Kagome from that story because Takahashi writes in such a sexist disgusting way.
5/22/2007 c1 Renesmee Black
Okay, listen up everybody! I've decided 'if you want something done right you gotta do it yourself!' I'm borrowing the plot/storyline because I love it so much. My school lets out this friday, and it's gonna be a week until I have to go summer school *grumbles angrily at the injustice of

Anyway, I can't guarantee it'll be great, or even good, but i'm going to try my best. Hopefully I don't get sued for writing an already written story. (please don't sue me! I 'm telling you first, so you won't get pissed. Anyway, since you said you aren't interested in Inuyasha,(
2/27/2007 c7 6inu-tiger-luver-393
PLease don't delete i loved it. it has a great plot line behind it.
2/26/2007 c7 5Azure Neko
"Don't put this on story alert" means nothing when I've got you on Author alert. I think you've spread the word around enough. Actually, all the people who care about this story were on Story alert when you posted the first time, so updating the chapter multiple times is just obnoxious, not helpful.
2/25/2007 c7 4Ajangel0
Keep writing this story it is very good.
2/24/2007 c7 4amydiazafirstclassshinobidemon
omfg u can not delete this :l i will murder u if u do
2/24/2007 c7 4morromotherofwolves
your an evil person.. dont start something them not finish it as soon as people gain interst you have lot's of feed back whats wriong you just lazy lol
2/24/2007 c7 3iNuQTpIe
2/24/2007 c7 The Spiked Dragon
I shall ask again PLEASE DON'T DELETE YOUR STORY,I really wish that you continue it and not delete it,for a suggestion how about letting someone else takeover your story that way the readers can still find out what happens next.
2/21/2007 c6 6whitehitsugaya
Ah... I was getting into the story. :( well if your not going to finish it i guess ill ask for the sumarized version. I like the whole Inuyasha Kagome deal. I never really like Kikyo. Anyways if you send the summarized version thanks a lot if not i guess thats ko. I did like the story though. :) i wish you would continue it.
2/21/2007 c7 Kris
i like your story and would like it sent to my e-mail i want to know what happends next
2/20/2007 c7 The Spiked Dragon
DON'T DELETE THIS STORY WHATSOEVER,this story is very well done.I still read it and still like itas well,oh and please keep Kikyo as is in your story please because I like how she is portrayed(as a bitch lol I'm a kikyo hater just telling you).So please don't delete your story,this reviewer still likes and enjoys your story all I ask is that you make the chapters longer.
2/19/2007 c7 2AmayaTaiyoukai
NOO! You cant delete this story! I absolutely loved it! I have waited so long to get an update! You have to continue it! PLEASE!
2/19/2007 c7 Haley
AW! I liked this story! Cmon! The show must go on! I haven't found a story about Kagome showing up before Kikyo before... alot of stories can kinda get the same... I thought this was a really awesone concept! Oh well, if you change your mind I'll be waiting!
8/28/2006 c8 KakashiHatake4Ever
That was pretty good. I did find a few spelling errors like the one in the last paragraph where you forgot the a in InuYasha's name but that isn't really a huge biggy now is it? Hope that you update soon!


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