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1/28/2015 c14 pihip
Considering the hi-tech gear and him being a living weapon thanks to cyborg wizardry, Giuseppe reminded me more of the Assassins from F.E.A.R. than the Predator, that moment where he ambushed the girls and almost got Triela was tense as hell.

So far, this fic is magnificent. At first I was skeptical about the inclusion of 'foreign' characters and terminology, but you managed to blend everything in nicely without turning this story into a true crossover.
8/15/2011 c23 1ReploidCat
Oh great and my favorite OC's go and die the moment I love them to bits. You're an evil author you know that?
8/15/2011 c21 ReploidCat
I like Rolito more now. Y_Y and John Doe or whoever just rat Rolito out is a complete ass.
8/15/2011 c20 ReploidCat
Elena is so cute:P. I've been reading your story this whole night and my eyes are dieing from staring at your amazing story going to have to go back and review my favorite chapters :D
2/5/2011 c23 3Coenraad
That was nice old friend. And a long time coming.

Kind of a confusing chapter but it all plays out really well.


2/4/2011 c23 55Person With Many Aliases
This updated with another one on my alert list, both at once.

I am so very pleased you managed to find time to get back to this. It's like the old days are here to tell me things are like they should be.

The good old drama. It's also nice you went and found time to work in Rolito's past.

How do you feel as a writer, now? It's been a few years. Do you feel you've grown? Or how you consider your reference pool?

I feel like I should be maturing as a writer, too. Either way.

But it's great to know you started this up again, and with some more promise of plot.

(And Colt. Which is always nice. Should I write more Colt, too. Who knows. Either way.)

So yeah. It's just great to see one of your classics pick up again.
1/2/2009 c22 12DCWestby
Really good continuation. I like it.
6/25/2008 c22 4roastpuff
You... you... jerk! ARGH! WHY?

You know I hate cliffhangers involving dying main characters.
6/21/2008 c22 Kira Clyne
Cool another update been waiting for a long time for this

but damm now we have a cliff hanging is elena going to live or not

so yeah hope it is updated soon
6/21/2008 c22 55Person With Many Aliases

What have you DONE!

...This right off the cliff and into a free fall massacre, mark my words.

Good to see this up and running again, even one chapter. What a way to reappear... dod...
2/8/2008 c21 Janick
Pit Ashley against Giuseppe/Chloe - a battle between knife experts will be great to see. Have Beatrice, Liesel and Yuki team up - they're so alike. And give Dani and Etta more screen time together.

8/12/2007 c21 4Maxwell's Daemon
Sweet Emotion, indeed. This chapter was full of it. And it finally laid to rest the last few lingering doubts I'd had about Rolito's relationship with his ward while bringing out the bits of his own past, of which there have been only hints until now.

Other things:

"Sure, this thirty-ish Italian with the “Padania” haircut and the nice blue suit was the voice on the phone that set this meeting."

There's a 'Padania' haircut? I bet it's all the rage in the north.

"The man on the other side of the glossy glass-topped table was not Mr. Gray... This guy was simply not… evil enough."

So the way to tell a PRF big-cheese is by his haircut and his aura of evil? Let me jot that down.

"“Yo, Elena.” He walked over to the beaming girl. “Deal’s done. Meet your new owner.”"

That's awesome. Got a hearty laugh out of me.

"Instantly the black fortress guarding the fastness of his heart crumbled into nothing. He felt no regret or shame. Indeed, he felt so light and free at being able to finally confess his weary soul’s burden."

Nice imagery, good use of metaphor.

"Inside his office at a certain converted monastery outside of Rome, Jean Croce sat a little straighter."

...oh? That should be interesting...

Good work and a great read, as always. Keep up the good work.
8/9/2007 c21 55Person With Many Aliases
Master of cliffhanger. You continue to add depth and exploration to how cheap human life can be with this story. Rolito is a great creation of yours.

Anyways, Jean coming into the picture again, huh? Looks like things are going to get tense. Amalgam vs Section 2 and Handsome Men is going to be insane.

Keep this stuff strong, man. This arc is only getting better.
7/21/2007 c20 Wileama
Good story! It's really interesting, hard to put down. The action is really gripping to. I love the fight on the oil tanker. I have to admit some of the OC, and animes you mention get me confused. Not your fault though. Looking forward to seeing where the story goes!
6/25/2007 c20 4Maxwell's Daemon
I admit I am somewhat biased in my fondness for this chapter (can't imagine why...), but I'll echo some of roastpuff's comments. Get a beta, or at least a spell/grammar checker. While I didn't see any incidences of run-ons (maybe I wasn't looking hard enough), some of your sentences did tend to drag. But overall your prose is flowing, eloquent and almost poetic, which is why I keep coming back for more.

Concerning the story, I find it terribly interesting that Rolito is willing to lay his heart bare to his dinner guests like that. Sorry, dear Elena, you're just a tool to be used, nothing more. Or is that how he really feels?

The culture clash was fun and interesting and drew more than a little mirth from me. Who knew Rolito hated on the French so much?

Other things: "Now, let’s see if we can follow Flopsy and Mopsy back to their burrow…”

That's awesome. If only Cottontail and Peter were there to see it.

"Yet Rolito Miranda seemed far more relaxed in his guise as “the novelist Sheo Darren...”

Ha! Sounds like the name of some hack fanfic writer or somesuch. ;p

Good stuff. Keep it up!
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