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for Heart of the Serpent

10/14/2015 c10 1Sulimo
Oh, the rewrite of this is so good! And you left us at such a cliffhanger - what happens to Haruka when Setsuna breaks the sword? That can't be the end! Of the hundred plus Sailor Moon/Harry Potter crossovers here on fanfiction, this is the only one that thoroughly explores the idea of Haruka and Michiru attending Hogwarts. Sure, your writing a decade ago was a bit vague and patchy in some places, but it was still very well done, and left me wanting more.

It's labelled as abandoned and has been left hanging for more than ten years. But would you ever consider picking up this project again?
5/11/2008 c9 1AequusTempestas
Nice Story!
3/11/2008 c10 Tzarista

can't wait for more
10/26/2007 c10 Megan Consoer
I really like this story alot. Can you please write some more chapters?
8/29/2005 c10 7Taeniaea
I Love Thethe second half of the original verson Plz Plz Update IT Soon!
8/28/2005 c9 Taeniaea
I Love The first half of the entire original version!
2/10/2005 c1 ShadowCub
12/20/2004 c1 Croaker
I have just one thing to say: PLEASE continue this!

And the rewrite is immensely superior to the original, do continue from there... please? Pretty please with sugar on top?
11/12/2004 c10 a fan
the original version, i faind it better than the rewrite your doing so could you not rewrite it please
9/2/2004 c8 fan-rei
never read the first version, but i like your story. (dring your 6 months are expired!) please update. i wana know what happen next. where is the snake? will usagi talk to her mother and hotaru (after all she was her bestfriend)? is lindsey a vampyre?
5/26/2004 c10 Usagi no Megami
*sniff that is so sad, now please you have probably already started working on the next part but please update soon anyways. I really want to read more.
1/15/2004 c7 Personally Pale
She shook her head. “I can’t hide inside my whole life. I’ll have to get used to the sun eventually"
It wouldn't work. I've tried it. I'm so friggin pale that I burn if i'm outside for over an hour, i get dreadful headaches from the sun, and when I do go out into the sun i have to wear pants, preferably long sleeves, a hat, and sunglasses ALONG with sunscreen so I would not get so dreadfully sick. NOT FUN.
Besides the fact of so many people asking me if i'm anemic being pale is REALLY annoying. (ironically enough I had dark brown hair... but somehow it turned to brown with copper red streaks. without hairdye...)
1/15/2004 c5 Slightly Ammused
de don' know hogwarts vewy well do de? hehehehehe
1/15/2004 c1 Disbelieving
I have to read this... I read the summary and i wanna know how this one is going to work out. I generally disaprove of HP crossovers but sometimes they work... (did you ever see the HP-SPONGE BOB crossover? *vomits*)
11/29/2003 c9 IMPROVED Uber Rei Model 06
As much As I like this, it just gets so confusing through here. I'm not one to read over things I've already registered and deciphered, so I'm just going to ignore this. I did, however, try to find the chapter 8 (Broken hearts) And I found that whatever writing in there was completely diffrent from what was in the revised version. I really think you should remove this, because what's the point of rereading an old version that differs from the revised version?
I hope you get a revised version of chapter nine up soon.
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