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6/5/2010 c16 4AshleyTangerine
3/16/2010 c16 3Arcus Pluvius
This was such a sweet story! I love it! Oh please write a sequel, it would be great! I really want to know what happens to them all and about their relationships! Hiro and Suguru are so meant to be together. I was really cross when they didn't get together in the anime. I really liked the story and it was very well writen. The only thing was that i thought that there would be loads of Yuki and how he was going to try and get Shu to go out with him to hurt Eiri even more but then nothing happened and i was a bit confused. Well never mind, i never liked Yuki in the first place. He always ruined Shu's and Eiri's relationship in the anime even though he was dead. Do you know how annoying you would of had to have been to still bug people even after you had died and your body shoved in a hole and left. Let me answer that for you...VERY! Stupid Yuki!

Whatever, thanks for the story, i was great!
10/16/2007 c16 Fallenangel93
5/12/2007 c16 3charlette sento
loved it u should totaly write a sequal
3/30/2007 c3 Bellaran
class! i loved it. if u really haven't watched the anime, you could go on and search gravitation. it i gd. anyway, i reall like this
1/21/2007 c16 1SleepySuki
11/21/2006 c12 30Estelle Stafford
I loved the whole thing with dating rules. That was so funny.
11/21/2006 c8 Estelle Stafford
This is really good, I like this A.U.
11/8/2006 c4 1iamthegiraffe
now that is freaking hot. awsome tastic. its kinda weird though, i mean, everyone is all out of charector.

ah cant spell.

but yeah.

kudos! :)
10/20/2006 c8 tres
dont go ther with yuki (not eiri) and shuichi ok?
10/1/2006 c16 sheron
i loved your story! and i actualy cried when i read the song that shuichi had wrote to eiri.. please write again and i'll promise i will review every chapter!

bye sher
9/18/2006 c16 xunxin
aw the end? i'm gonna miss this story. but i did like the two new songs you put in the chapter. great job. and that kiss at the end with shu and eiri was so sweet. sad its over but glad you wrote it. thanks. :)
9/17/2006 c16 goooooeoeoeoenei
AH The scene with the band in the front yard SO reminds me of the music video for 'The Best of Me' by The Starting Line. Beautiful. Wonderful ending.
9/17/2006 c16 Jess Anime
This was a very sweet end. I really loved this story. the last chapter just had me. Nice fic.
9/17/2006 c15 Jess Anime
That song was really sad and pretty. You good at writing songs. I loved that last part with Hiro's mom. Whose mom would ask questions like that? LOL!
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