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5/15/2009 c3 38Mrs-N-Uzumaki
I loved the song choice for this particular chapter! Update soon ^-^
5/15/2009 c2 Mrs-N-Uzumaki
Aww how sweet ^^ (whoa dejavu...I dreamt I was reading this story 0.o)
5/15/2009 c1 Mrs-N-Uzumaki
OMG! I love this song so much! And this fic, wow! So wonderful!
6/12/2008 c3 3Arieva LeFly
LIKE IT? Not enough... I LOVE IT! Awesome story :)
10/21/2007 c3 4xXxMahiruxXx
Aw that was kinda sad, but I still liked it ^_^ I kinda like how I can imagine what would happen so it's not really a cliffhanger in a sense. Anyway, good job!
10/21/2007 c2 xXxMahiruxXx
Aw that was cute too! I really liked it ^_^
10/21/2007 c1 xXxMahiruxXx
Aw that was so cute!
6/8/2007 c3 Sar Tober
I loved them all so far. PLZ update quicly so I can read more.

I have some ideas, if you're intrested, here they are;


Say Ok-Vanessa Huchens

I've got a crush on you-unknow

Breaking The Habit-Linken Park

ABC 123-unknown

Angels & Memories by Within Temtation

Truly, Madly, Deeply-Savage Garden

My Heart Will Go On, I'm Alive & Because You Loved Me-Celine Dion

Write Soon,Sar Tober
6/7/2007 c3 kitty kat K.O
I loved your story. It was great. I have a song idea for you (actually 2). They are both by Avril Lavigne: When You're Gone and Everything Back But You. If you know the songs or if you listen to them you should get an idea. XD
6/5/2007 c3 9Mew-Sahara
Kudos to you Ryou, for doing what you want! I want to know what happens next! There's a REALLY good song that I saw an RyouXIchigo AMV on YouTube for and the song 'Nobody Wants to be Lonely' and it's a duet by Christina Aguilera and Ricky Martin. It's a really awesome, and it would be really cute to do, if you want to. ^-^ Good luck with the next chapter!
6/5/2007 c2 Mew-Sahara
This is so cute as well! Awesome job!
6/5/2007 c1 Mew-Sahara
Aww, it's so cute! Great job with this! Perfect song. :D
6/3/2007 c3 3Most Unlikely Angel HOW DARE U BUILD UP THIS ENTIRE ONESHOT UP THIS UNBELIEVEAB;E MOMENT THAT E'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR AND THEN...nothing...juat a stop...i'll tell ya something...THAT'S MEAN...but it did get the effect you were going for, lol. it was a really excellent representation of what ryou is suffering,i liked it
6/3/2007 c2 Most Unlikely Angel
i do like this story line, it's a bit different, and ofcourse cute!
6/3/2007 c1 Most Unlikely Angel
this is such a sweet song fic even though i don't know the song but it was soo sweet
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