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for The Hymn of the Faith

1/28/2006 c1 Anonymous
I got the good version of the Hymn of Faith

with the piano and drums and stuff, really makes me think of...I dont know.. rising of a devastated people

Fits this story weel, good job
10/28/2005 c1 24Warui-Usagi
The was very uplifting! And very descriptive, well done!
10/28/2005 c1 77Blackfire 18
What? Why hasn't this story been reviewed yet?

I think you have written this very beautifully-the detail was very vivid; beautiful yet meloncholy at the same time. (That sounds like Lulu! ^^) I believe this must be the first story that encompasses something other than the characters of the game-a bold move, and you succeeded! It was very interesting to see the utter destruction of Kilika from the inhabitants who witnessed it first hand. The world is so full of sorrow!

I also rather enjoyed the idea of the hymn; music speaks all languages.

There are a few slights in which I thought a sentence could have been arranged differently, or a specific word might have been used to a better effect, such as "reeked" of death, rather then "smelled"-or something to that extent.

But overall, very, very well done. Bravo! I tip my hat (if I was wearing one at the moment) to you!

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