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6/2/2014 c1 Seeking Professional Help
You wrote a lemon, which I personally think was the best lemon in all of fanfiction.
I'm not talking about this story i'm talking about "Shinji and Rei Illicit Liasons".
I salute you for that, I'd love to see that one continued or read your other stuff.
PM me and let me know where I can read them, or if you thinking about continuing "SHinji and Rei Illicit Liasons".
11/10/2008 c1 Joshua alton
I have an idea-

you said somthing about ritsuko being a teenager( you-know-what-I-mean) make a sequal where they whach rit's video.


great yuri.

make a video, if possible.
8/14/2006 c1 1094saturn
This story is great!

I’d love to see an uncensored version. Use my profile to get the email address and send me a word doc. I can reciprocate with a lemon that leaves nothing to the imagination.

Just put your pen name in the subject line because I batch delete a lot of junk mail.


5/13/2006 c1 Linkthelethalllama
Seems realistic and...plausable. Good work and not OOC
1/15/2006 c1 Kristo
One of the funniest ive seen, You should make more of these\
12/9/2005 c1 Guest
11/9/2005 c1 49Hawk
Don't mind the ones complaining about this being too short. It's just the right size... As a prologue for a longer Misato/Shinji story! Please, pretty please, with whipped cream on top of naked breasts?

Not mine obviously, as that would work better as deterrent then enticement, but on top of "insert babe of your choice here"'s naked breasts.

Anyhew, very amusing, very nicely paced and all in all quite a nice story.

Or prologue... *hinthintnudgenudge*
10/31/2005 c1 Andy
disturbing but funny.
10/30/2005 c1 7Taro MD
Saw this through the link on one your livejournal entries Warp.

Got to say though, I'm most impressed.
10/30/2005 c1 DJ
Nice spamfic. Do not see too many of those these days.
10/29/2005 c1 114dogbertcarroll
Feels a little short.
10/28/2005 c1 JWM
That is one of the most amusing things I have ever read, I don't suppose you'd consider expanding this would you?
10/27/2005 c1 4FinalMax
Congratulations on making a fic that could be put here. Damn good work, I might add. Some of your page breaks appear to be missing, but that's probably from the Quick-Edit thingy here.

Feel free to bring more comedy here.

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