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9/11/2014 c1 kyle.hill.7965692
I just looked at the first three paragraphs and immediately knew it was going to be a screaming fan girl Mary Sue fic complete with boobs and tubes.

Sorry but I wish fanfiction would have stories focused more on survival and culture shocks instead of skipping over that just to focus on the birds and bees.
10/10/2008 c15 12Lady Discord
Thank you so much for your lovely review! I’m so sorry that I haven’t reviewed your fic earlier, although I had read it long ago. It’s just that in the last 2 years I’ve rarely visited my fanfiction account, only dropped in from time to time to read some stories. But now my newly developed passion/obsession for the King Arthur universe has brought me back :D

At the time I discovered your story I was more into Buffy really. I had acquired the DVDs with all the seasons and started watching day after day, I really loved it. Dawn was one of my favourite characters and I wish we could have seen more of her in the series when she was all grown up, or at least in her late teen years.

I loved the idea of your story, combining so well romance with humor and action, and it was hilarious to see the reactions of Buffy and the others when they saw Dawn and Willow in the movie. Another thing I liked about your story is that the ones to get the girls were my two favourite knights, Lancelot and Gawain. I think that if you hadn’t written this story and I wouldn’t have seen Amarice from the Xena show, I would have probably used Dawn’s image for a character in my story. She also looks like she could be Vanora’s daughter.
8/24/2008 c15 10Nixie De Angel
I love this story! It would be awesome if you did a sequel! some how gt Buffy there to meet the kids. Also maybe find woman for Tristan and Galahad. that would be great!
11/30/2007 c15 R-Cleberg
Ah! This is one of the greatest time-travel fics I have ever read for this movie. The worst thing about the movie is Dagonet dying; it was so unfair! The babies were a very nice twist, especially with Galahad's help! You're very good and I'm hoping for a sequel to this. That would be fun. Bye!
7/23/2007 c15 5rogue20
very good and i hope that i will make a sequel to it, so buffy, spike, xander, anya and giles can meet the babies... and i hope at spike gettes the ring so he can walk out side with dawn and willow in king Arthur's time line
6/19/2007 c15 43Shannon Vega
I've noticed that the knights don't stay in period, but I would assume that enough contamination from Dawn and Willow would account for that. I would love to see a sequel as I think that Buffy and Giles would both find it very interesting back in the court of King Arthur. So, please, a sequel?
6/19/2007 c2 Shannon Vega
Great little vignette. I love how the girls take on the vamps and treat it as routine while the knights flounder.
6/19/2007 c1 Shannon Vega
Intriguing beginning. As you pointed out, I've been remiss in reviewing your wonderful work. And since BTVS is one of my favorite fandoms, I'm excited to see how this plays out. I especially like the way that you've portrayed Willow. Nice touch with the nice little jab by Bors at the end. Yay!
5/29/2007 c15 1Epic42
*sniff sniff* wow... you definately should write a sequel... This is AMAZING.
5/27/2007 c1 Epic42
wow. this is the best King Arthur I've read in a long time.
5/27/2007 c15 17Rodidor
please make a sequal
5/27/2007 c14 Rodidor
5/27/2007 c13 12Lady Discord
Hey! New chapter! I’m sorry I did not review earlier, I just discovered it now when I was browsing again through your story. I was positive I had you on my alert list, but apparently I was mistaken. Don’t worry, you are now on the list.

I loved the new chapter as always and the funniest thing was that “Whipped/And proud of it” line. Also I loved Dawn’s pure female strength.

I’m so eager to read more. Update soon!

Oh, btw, did you get that reply I sent you, with the link to the group, cause I’m not certain if it appeared in the PM or not.
5/24/2007 c13 17Rodidor
great chapter
5/9/2007 c12 12Lady Discord
OMG! I so can’t believe this. It’s like we’re communicating telepathically. In my personal fantasies of late I have been picturing Dawn together with Lancelot, having been a long time Buffy fan and a quite recent King Arthur fan, mostly because of the hot men in the movie. Can you blame me?

Anyhow, I’m still bewildered beyond all limits that I actually came a across a Dawn/Lance fic and a very good one too. I absolutely adore it, and not only the Dawn/Lance parts, I also love how you brought some of the other Buffy characters in as well, like Spike for example, I have a little thing for him too. :P

Very good job so far, I’m so looking forward to more.
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