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4/16 c49 awesome991
This story is so good that I just finished rereading for the 4th time. I do hope you come back one day and finish it.
Thanks for the entertainment.
2/24 c43 5KzintiKiller
Not for nothing, but Darth Lilah is entirely self-taught. If she goes up against an actual Jedi she's brown bread.
12/10/2021 c49 1Lady Elizabeth-Jayne
I absolutly love this series and will periodically reread and check to see if there are updates. Especially as I'm constantly tying to imagine how all the extra crossovers fit togethervand will be resolved.
11/22/2021 c49 Persephone reader
Hope to read more soon. Love your writing!
5/23/2021 c49 grilledmonkey
Years since the last chapter, and yet I still check for an update once a month. If that doesn't show quality I don't know what does.
4/26/2021 c49 1grd
Please continue this sometime. The cliffhanger is painful.
3/11/2021 c49 RDLV
Maybe if I shake this tree hard enough I can shake loose a new chapter...
9/12/2020 c49 misterwhy1
great story
are you still working on it?
9/10/2020 c38 Mastersgtjames
Xander should make a holocron, an intelligent one if he can. Better than writing books that anyone can read.
9/10/2020 c37 Mastersgtjames
really annoying, and feels like bad writing. Lilah being sith. I mean, she's not... not really. The use of "Powers" that Dansey knew were borderline non-existent. I mean, the Jedi had telekinesis, technopathy, telepathy, teleportation, astral-projection, foresight, precognition, postcognition, alchemy, healing, beast-taming, matter-energy manipulation, heck, if you count Bendu and the the "Gods" as just very old jedi, then they also had reality manipulation.
So, this old order of templar are really not all that impressive, even if they did figure out telekinesis and the mind-trick. But, and this is important. Xander should have WAY more. I mean, he has millenia of knowledge, that has been refined and collected by experts. Those templars and Dansey do not.
Would be good if Xander started training or showing knowledge in some other expressions of Force abilities though. Maybe teleportation. Or any number of them.
9/9/2020 c14 Mastersgtjames
hmm? not fitting with the sidestories? if the other stories, where there are 6 jedi, specifically state they have never met any sith.
8/18/2020 c49 1SixFtWookie
Was that a Harry Potter reference directly following a Harry Potter reference? That was META AF. Just hang a lampshade right there on the 4th wall.
8/18/2020 c48 SixFtWookie
I wish I had been keeping a running track of all the cameo references I've noticed. Putting Bones and Agent Booth in the same universe as Angel is always a nice touch.
8/17/2020 c28 SixFtWookie
The best part about Venkmann Territory as a reference is, I don't know for sure that he is referencing someone he thinks is fictional. I love the little cameo like references you sprinkle amongst this story.
8/17/2020 c22 SixFtWookie
You got married on my birthday! Happy late Anniversary
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