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4/9/2015 c1 Guest
Love Fuzion Frenzy! Keep it coming!
11/15/2013 c1 18Rainbowturtle69
That was amazing. Just zak's part made this story ten times more amazing. I just recently got this game on my 360 and I got go say it brought back some great memories for me and my friends. Keep up the good work
6/20/2012 c1 A piece of cheese
I actually really enjoyed reading this! :) I don't think the game really gave much of a background so it was cool to see what you came up with. I know this is years old by now, but why didn't you continue writing? I would've loved to read more! :)
10/9/2011 c1 1Nameless-Named-Man

She yawned delicately, rolling her eyes. "I've only told you 4 jiggleplex times," she replied boredly.

"It's googolplex, Ms. Naomi," he muttered.

"Are you implying that I'm wrong?" she snapped. Gods! How hard is it to do his job?


I am still laughing.
9/28/2011 c1 6AidanPadfoot
this is good, i like it,
4/21/2011 c1 beybladerkaiya
OMG i actually really enjoyed this story, i wish you would upload the rest of it!

12/4/2008 c1 44MonoSheep
Zak finally show up in the last chapter, he is one of my favorite characters along with Naomi and Dub. Its kind cool!
7/5/2008 c1 13jubilife
Wow! Excellently writen man! Lol Zak is smart, I'm almost 16!
6/24/2008 c1 Lil Enchantress
Wow! I can't believe that someone actually made a fanfiction for this game! It's probably my favorite out of the X-Box games. And you wrote it very well too.

By now you probably know that the Fusion Frenzy 2 has been released for the 360... I was wondering if any part of that would get put into this. Or would that be too far into the future for your story? (assuming that the 2nd game is about 2-5 years later since Zak got his growth spurt! )

Anyway, it's really really good! I'll stick around to read more as long as you're willing to write it. :) See you again soon!
5/21/2008 c1 10ThorHammer17
I have to give you some credit. You have quite an imagination for being able to write a fic for a multiplayer game like this. Don't get me wrong, I loved FF as a multiplayer game. It was so addicting and fun, even though I sucked at Xbox back then. I decided to actually read it, instead of just commenting and you could use some work on your details, but otherwise you did just fine. Way to go, and hopefully someone else who owned the game will come along here and write a fic to go along with yours.
5/16/2008 c1 13C1ockworks
i like it so far. Unfortunately someone stole my fuzion frenzy. I loved that game but anyway. Keep writing
4/19/2008 c1 Louise Burge
Nice job. For the only story in the Fuzion Frenzy department on this site, it's a pretty good one. Keep up the good work.
2/10/2008 c1 Gleeful Melancholy
Attention Anonymous Reviewers! Sign in or leave me an email, because i love you guys and want to talk to you! Or talk to me on the Forum I created! (I feel so alone in this category. waah!)

As long as they allow me to review this, I'll do it.

emmy: Thanks for the awesome review, I wonder if you read reviews on stories you reviewed, or is it just me? lol

The idea you had sounds hilarious, and if you ever find the time, it would be AWESOME if you wrote and submitted it! I'd definitely read it. There actually used to be two stories in this category, but the other girl took hers down for unknown reasons.

Post some stories! Post in my forum!
2/9/2008 c1 emmy
lmao, reading this reminds me that i had an idea like this a long time ago. my friend and i used to play fuzion frenzy, like, every day, and we came up with back stories for everyone.

jet and samson were, like, lovers. actually samson just kept getting jet drunk at parties and then taking advantage of her. she only stayed with him because he could make a mean grilled cheese.

sometimes, samson would cheat on jet with zak. i don't know why. o.o zak was in love with him and followed him around everywhere. mucho bdsm happened there...

geena was a lesbian with a huge crush on naomi.

naomi was dating dub, but she was actually only using him for his money. i don't know why... she's already extremely rich.

it all died when fuzion frenzy 2 came out for the x-box, though, because samson got a western accent or something, and jet was like a vampire, and naomi went from, like 20 to 4.


ANYWAY.. i love this story! you captured how they act in the game exactly (i.e. jet's super-cool. yes, she is the only person i use when playing this game.)

update! =]

1/31/2008 c1 3Gleeful Melancholy
Ugh, I hate this. I have never reviewed one of my own stories before, and i hate it when others do it, but i want to communicate to my friendly anonymous reviewers:

Jake: Thanks so much! Your review made me smile, especially 3 years after I wrote this thing, I can't believe you found it. I kinda hoped my switching characters thing would work out, and I'm glad you liked it. =)

aname/kagura/temari: Thank you! *dizzy* =) I really hope to continue this fic sometime.

cexy_babe: Thank you for the nice review. But sorry I've never played Final fantasy.

fusionluver234: Thanks! I tried hard to create something out of those colorful people, and it makes me so happy to see fellow game fans.

BiGg_D: Thanks man. The demo is almost as awesome as the actual game!

Bankotsu Fan: Thank you for the first review! It made me lol about what you think of Dub and Zak. Glad to see another fan.

I love y'all! =)
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