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5/18/2010 c1 1Cora Sinclair
I like it! Let me know when you will make another Zazu story!
2/16/2006 c5 thingspast
Nice! Funny, and I love the title of the chapter!

Sigh... they should just let Rafiki get along with running everything like he always does...

And Zazu at the end was positively wicked, especially with his snide comments on Simba's maturity.

Fun. Light, harmless fun. :-)
2/15/2006 c5 Eclectic Me
Wow, I have to say that was indeed a surprising ending, and a good one. There were a few spelling and grammar errors, (you called Rafikki a sharman!) but as you say, it was light commedy, and not to be taken too seriously. I loved this story, and am eagerly looking forward to your next offering, assuming you have one planed. Are you going to be following the lives of Zazu and Ma, or the three cubs?
2/15/2006 c5 Nala5
Nah it was great.

Don't worry about it.

Very creative, ya know.

It was a nice ending.

Not all stories have action, or constant action.


This one kept me interested til the end!

Can't wait to see what ya do next, Pichooi!


Ma and Zazu are still so cute!


See ya then.


2/14/2006 c5 19Narfy
Well I was just about to go to bed after I updated my story only to find that you updated as well. You copycat! LOL. So if I'm groggy in the morning its your fault, just kidding.

Any way cool and original idea to have an ostrich become the majordomo. She sounds nice too, hopefully she can do just as good as Zazu and stuff. Any way what are you going to do next, I command you to tell me. Okay its time for my bed, Narfy needs her beauty rest, oh wait that might take a million years. Any way keep up the good work and have fun writing. :)
2/14/2006 c5 79SunRise19
I really liked this story! I was going to ask you where you came up with the name Camelus;however you answered that question..lol

Great job I hope to see more lion king fics from you!

Well done!
2/8/2006 c4 46Maran Zelde
This is an interesting chapter. Poor Timon. It really is better to have a non-carnivore advisor. I hope you make at least one more chapter, if only so I can find out who they finally choose to be the new majordomo.
2/4/2006 c4 Eclectic Me
First of all, I think that was a vary exciting cliff-hanger, and I can't wait to see who this "friend" is! Second, I think it's funny the way Zazu sounds like he is reciting from a rulebook or something, Lol. Not crazy about random self-incertions, but since that only made up a small part of it, I say good job! I'll be checking often for updates!
2/4/2006 c4 thingspast
Ah... corruption, good job Timon was around really to demonstrate this!

Liked this one, very likely but funny, and the twisting of his rights so that he only obeyed the letter of the law was disturbingly likely!

Ah, and now a new, shadowy figure...
2/3/2006 c4 19Narfy
Yay new chapter! Ew that Owl was yucky, glad Simba kicked him out.

Zorro: Are they ever going to make me the majordomo?

Narfy: No you are a fox and that is a mammal not a bird

Zorro: Aw crap

Narfy: Hey no swearing.

Zorro: (pretending to be Igore and drooling all over Narfy's leg) Yes master.

Sorry about that, hope they find a new majordomo soon and I hope I can find the nearest bath, ew fox drool. Well can't wait to see what happens next so like always keep up the good work and have fun writing. :)
2/3/2006 c4 79SunRise19
woh, that owl was scary! He just gave me the creeps..

I wonder who or what Rafiki's friend is? I honestly liked this chapter and I can't wait for the next one!
12/6/2005 c3 46Maran Zelde
That was a funny chapter, if a bizarre one. I laughed at a few parts, like the part where Ban’ai asked about payment.
12/2/2005 c3 thingspast
And just when we thought it couldn't get any more surreal...

Ban'ai was fabulously pompous and self-important, a positive shop steward with his payment demands... I think that the lions are starting to realise just how good Zazu was...

As for Zorro... um... what can be said? Never let dreamlike muses into your stories, as he appears to have strayed in from a road runner cartoon...

And as for the last bit, I think the stress is getting to Narfgirl somewhat, although having Timon marry Binti is definitely an amusing and fitting image!
11/30/2005 c3 79SunRise19
I really liked the randomness of this chapter..and how you still had the plot mixed in as well! I really liked this, it was cute and funny!
11/30/2005 c3 Nala5
That was the best!



And...dun dun dun ZORRO!

I really didn't see that one coming!


Having fun in Disney World huh?

You guys should do this more often.

Or at least torture Ban'ai and the fox more often!

Anyways, I gotta go.

Bed time.

I'll review this fully, more in computer class tomorrow.

ta ta til then


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