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12/10/2007 c3 1momoiiey
I like number 3 better because its number two but with more on it and the best part is Ryuho grts what he deserves he waited to long and he lost her. GO COUGAR!

1/4/2006 c3 Ranoe
IAM SO SORRY i thought I reviewed this story but I didn't I LOVE IT ITS AWESOME! great job!

12/3/2005 c3 PimpTroyce
Woot! I hit the jackpot here. I just read and reviewed “Lost and Found” then visited your profile and look what I found! Yet another wonderful story by my love. (Which such a lovely writer as yourself will now be referred to as, by me. buwhaha) With the two endings thing; you should combine them. The 1st as is just add in the last bit of the 2nd one. AND what’s this! Is there going to be a squeal? You left the perfect opportunity for one in there. I would be crushed if I could see more of my loves work displayed and the continuation of this lovely bit. I hope to read more from you soon. =)
11/24/2005 c3 11Jasmine Reinier
EI, ME LOVIE! ^-^ Third ending, DEFINITELY! (More fluff, Ryuho jealousy. Hah. Jerk deserves it.) ^-^ I hope you continue with this! (THIRD ENDING, YAY!) Cougar/Mimori-ness, yay! *Is addicted to fluff* ^-^ Favorites list, away!

~Jazzy (Ryuu-chan)
11/21/2005 c3 17Eternal Dumas
O.O Ryuho loves Mimori back? And Ryuho's now jealous of Cougar? O.O I never did like Ryuho/Mimori, I'd much more prefer Cougar/Mimori. *squeals* Now those two are the perfect couple! And you continued on with the fluff scene between Cougar and Mimori! HUZZAH! Except Ryuho had to interrupt it. . Stupid Ryuho! Don't interfere with Cougar and Mimori's romance! They belong together!Hm...I guess I prefer chapter 3 over chapter 2 because Cougar and Mimori get to continue on with their lovey-dovey scence. *squeals* XD Despite Ryuho's interruption, I think I like chapter 3 better than chapter 2.
11/21/2005 c3 68Erin Elric
I really love this story! Update soon! Mimori and Cougar forever.
11/21/2005 c3 seiko123
O_O I LOVE the the Ch. 3 ending, although it's a bit of a cliffhanger... TT_TT I do hope that you continue with yours wonderful story. ^^
11/20/2005 c2 48Harbinger Loki
^_^ This was so awesome! I love this story so much! So what exactly happened with Mujo? I saw the episode last night of Cougar and Scheris dying and I couldn't stop crying! This really made me happy to read! Anyway, Is this a series? or just a second chapter/sequel type thing?
11/20/2005 c2 17Eternal Dumas
YAY! Cougar and Mimori loving! HUZZAH! HUZZAH! COUGAR AND MIMORI ARE THE BEST HET COUPLE IN SCRYED, NO EXCEPTIONS! ^.^ They are my favvie couple. *squeals* COUGAR/MIMORI 4EVA! Descriptive and beautiful, I love it! HUZZAH FOR COUGAR/MIMORI!
11/19/2005 c2 1Ukiyo
rawr. i like ryuhou and mimori. but good luck with your story and it seems fabulous so far. nice detail and lengthy chapters are awesome.
11/7/2005 c1 68Erin Elric
I loved it. Even it was kind of sad.
11/5/2005 c1 5Parallel-Blue13115
Wow, this is a really great piece! Is it a one-shot or will there be more? (I would love to see more, but I'm always selfish that way ^^) Awesome work!
11/4/2005 c1 48Harbinger Loki
This is soo cute! Are you going to continue? I wish you would as it would be so awesome to see how Mimori would save Cougar! Anyway, I loved this! Please write some more!
11/3/2005 c1 9SneekyKelepir
This fic had really caught my attention. So what happens next?

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