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10/14/2006 c6 Shinigami
*whistles* So even Ron, Ginny and Hermione hit their limits, and are fed up with Dumbledore! PLS have the yamis show up at Hogwarts! I really wnat to see them give the Ferret and his gang hell! They should have a taste of the torment they pile on their victims! Besides I would love to see Ferret's reaction to Harry having a bodyguard aka Dark Magician! i really want to see Duel Monsters come to life at hogwarts, the Muggleborns would know them for certain! The Wizarding worlds aren't the only place that has magic! There are all kinds of magic!
10/14/2006 c6 7kingleby
bless, missing yugi already ^_^
10/12/2006 c6 176Firehedgehog
iluv teh new chappy. let teh fun begin
10/12/2006 c6 mint
Finally updated.

Please continue.Don't stop.
10/11/2006 c6 Twin Tails Speed
This is a excellent chapter update. I can't wait for the next chapter update.
10/11/2006 c6 3Kanda Yuuki
I suppose Seto is the one who found Yami(Harry). Hopefully, they can actually co-exist and take care of each other. After all, Seto's past life is Yami's cousin and High Priest.
9/12/2006 c5 11A.YamiYugi
Please update soon. I want to know how it goes for them. By the way Yugi's a girl now, but was he a boy before? It sounded like he was.
8/18/2006 c5 176Firehedgehog
continue soon please
7/29/2006 c5 4angelic aibou
great story really original please update soon.

Ha Ha! joey and bakura got what they deserved but poor Malik how many people are going to be sleeping on the coach in this fic anyway.

WAY TO GO RYOU but I could understand why he wouldn't want a sex deprived Bakura running around actually that would be really funny if you had a sex deprived Seto annd Bakura running around Hogwarts ahh the mayhem please consider this idea

LOL Angelic aibou
7/9/2006 c5 Annuket
To say it once more: I like tis chapter very much. I wanted to write the review immediatly after you put it on ffnet, but for the first time ever I got a message like: 'there are more visitors than we expect so this function is disable for now'or something like this. So the review is really late, sorry...

7/6/2006 c5 7kingleby
great chapter ^_^
7/3/2006 c5 Shinigami
*whistles* Bakura got a hair-cut? This I got to see! As for Hedwig attacking Joey and the 2 other yamis-priceless! But i feel sorry for Malik, he cannot have been happy with Marik! PLS have Yugi and gang show up at Hogwarts! I would gladly pay to see 3 yamis teaming up and chasing Draco and his gang all over Hogwarts! I think Neville, Luna, Gred and Forge, Moony and Tonks would be more loyal to Harry than Dumbledore...If Sirius is alive-PLS throw him in this and have him side with Harry/Yami!
7/3/2006 c5 4Nepha
I like it. Hahahaha...Hedwig attack the yamis. Hahahah... that was funny. I can't wait for the next chapter. Please update as soon as you can. Ja
7/3/2006 c5 mint leaf

You finally updated.

Great one.

Hopefully longer next time?
6/9/2006 c4 1Kailyssia Pym
This is a very interesting concept. Very original. So far I really like this fic, but it could be better. At the moment its a little hard to understand because of a few grammar mistakes. Other than that I love this fic. Harry being Yami's reincarnation is brilliant. If you haven't found a beta reader yet I would love to help in any way I can. Like I said this is an amazing fic and I really want to help try to get more people to read it. If you wouldn't mind my help please let me know. And if not then please please please update soon.I am dying to know what happens next. Like how are all the others there and what were the conditions of their return? Will Yami still look like himself or like Harry? Will he still be friends with Ron and Hermione and will he tell them the truth about himself? So please continue with this lovely fic.

my e-mail is if you still need a beta reader. Happy writing.
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