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6/6/2006 c4 Twin Tails Speed
This is quite interesting.
6/6/2006 c4 7kingleby
lol, seto a teacher, that would be so funny!

great story so far! ^_^
5/11/2006 c2 Xurtan
Hm. Well, I wish Yugi was still male personally. Other than that, seems like it might be an interesting story.
2/27/2006 c4 ALKHDLKH
HAHAHAHAHA Seto teaching magic is something i could never see...well maybe for this story..maybe but otherwise noway no how but still Seto teaching Yami would be the funniest thing in the world...*insert sarcasm* and Seto would surely get along with Snape *end sarcasm* Please continue
2/26/2006 c4 Annuket
This story is really good too ^_^. I hope you got my e-Mail.
2/14/2006 c4 6ShotaroxPhillip
12/25/2005 c3 ShotaroxPhillip
please update its killing me (not litterartley) to wait for the update so can you update soon please?
12/17/2005 c3 MissMagicalMischief
12/16/2005 c2 Shinigami
*LOL* By the way loved Ryou and Joey's threats! Is there anything we should know about Bakura and Ryou, Seto and Joey? PLS have Remus, Tonks, Gred and Forge, Ron, Hermione, Neville and Luna ALL BE on Harry/Yami's side! He's going to need all the friends he can get when he and voldie have the final showdown!
12/16/2005 c3 Shinigami
*shakes head* The problem is Dumbledore IS just as bad as voldemort! Only he covers his true motives! He HAD to know Sirius was innocent! I refuse to beleive James and Lily wouldn't tell anyone of the secret keeper switch! And I'm betting that they left a will with their express wishes that Harry be SENT to someone ANOTHER than the Dursleys! And he failed to train Harry, so he was unprepared in the graveyard! If not for Fawkes, Harry would have died in the Chamber of Secrets! WHERE was Dumbledore all those times? He left the school, before Harry went to face Quirrell, and again before Harry faced Tom! WTF? If Harry had been trtained, he would have been able to kick Voldemort's sorry ass to hell!
12/16/2005 c3 mint
Please update soon. Love the story so far. Is the others going to Hogwarts too?
11/30/2005 c2 ShotaroxPhillip
11/5/2005 c1 MAD SCIENTIST
okay just one word to describe it all. 'WOA!' that's brillant, awesome, my gosh, i just can't finish describing it! please update soon!

oh and nice touch there, changing yugi to a girl, though a girl in reality or in fiction with the type of hair the boy yugi has is really freaky, and well weird.

however, the second chapter is confusing to me, i mean, what does ' the watchers that Dumbledor sent to watch you are following the energy readings the shadow realm is giving" ?
11/5/2005 c1 Shinigami
*muses* Wait-only Bakura and Malik calls Yami Pharaoh! I think it's Bakura... So PLS have Yami introduce Kura to Gred and Forge! *evil laughter* I would gladly pay to see the trio cause mayhem! After all it's payback for making Harry/Yami's life pure hell! Harry didn't deserve all the bad stuff that happened to him! At least Yami's now with his TRUE friends! Pls bring Joey and the rest of the gang in this!
11/5/2005 c1 4Nepha
good chapter...but what happen to the first one? I can only see the second chapter :( Gr...Damn I didn't get the mail saying that you update. Luck that I was here on Ja ne
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