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6/14/2012 c4 Julie Sue
6/14/2012 c3 Julie Sue
ahhh and I am saying Dear Lord please let her fall for Logan! and WOW about Lorelai and the fact that Emily keeps a file on her friends HAHAH ;) sounds like something I would do! :)
6/14/2012 c2 Julie Sue
oh wow...i love it when I find stories that arent like anything else I have ever read and this is def it! OH wow! and I dont blame you...their relationship should take work! WOW
6/14/2012 c1 Julie Sue
:) very cute beginning! :) i love it! and cant wait for more!
11/1/2011 c12 28Heart.Or.Head
Loved it escially the coffee joke.
5/25/2010 c12 23Rori Potter
That was an amazing story.
2/9/2009 c12 27Vaneesa85
12/9/2008 c12 3luv2read22
Love the story! : )
7/14/2008 c12 4loganzahotie707
I love this story!
3/30/2008 c12 11CarebearKara
This is a great fic.
1/30/2008 c9 13sailorroxy
i can totally see luke as an EX-FBI agent! Kinda strange... any way i like the story!
10/12/2007 c12 mizskitles220
loved the story so cute
12/21/2006 c12 2Escaped Soul
whoa. thats was an awsome story. with some omg! parts. some 'thats so cute' parts and just osem down right funny parts. i loved the story!
10/13/2006 c12 4lec
so good!
8/18/2006 c12 7FluffySmarts
awesome! loved it!


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