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for Aussie Girl

1/10/2006 c12 11KeitaWolf
YAY! The whole "I'm Divorcing you SOB" part was awesome!
12/27/2005 c12 copyrighted
It was a nice story.. Thanks for writing.
12/26/2005 c12 enter name here
i was the one who just wrote a review, by the way, i had read the whole story first, i just submited the review a day later and didnt hit it on the last chapter...hahaha, but i read your whole story
12/26/2005 c1 name is entered here
well we both know that this is a fan fic that is based on the characters and not the actual set up of the story. if you know that and are ok with that, then this fan fic as a story is really good. the only thing that i would change is the whole got run over part because it has enough drama with everything else going on. Oh, and maybe show Rory as a little stronger by not crying quite as much. Good fan fic.
12/22/2005 c10 CJ
Like your story, but

It's "should/would/could(and sometimes must) have/'ve" NEVER "should/would/could of". If you don't believe me ask your English teacher.
12/20/2005 c12 1crissy
very cute!
12/19/2005 c2 6Lifeisconfusing
love this story!
12/19/2005 c12 fallingforGGguys
God stroy. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks!
12/18/2005 c12 26Gilmoregirl7878
omg I can't believe its over. so sad.

Hope you write more stories soon!
12/18/2005 c12 Emily
awe that was a really good ending. i feel SO bad for her it would be no fun to give birth to triplets.
12/18/2005 c12 3spinaround

This story was great, although this chapter seemed kind of rushed. But I hope you do a sequel!
12/18/2005 c12 1princetongirl
loved it update soon
12/18/2005 c12 1CoCaCoLa29
kirk was takin the pictures! hilarious! it was great! a sequal would be da bomb digiest! (lol) w/e ever you do its gunna rock!
12/18/2005 c12 4Born-to-boogie
oh plz write a sequal im already suffering withdrawl pains pretty about pretty plz with a cherry on the top or maybe you dont like cherrys so maybe mayple syrup or sugar.well funny that it was kirk and just to say i thought it was absolutley fantastico(yes i made this word up)Fabulous you brought me an hour of happiness however sad you think i am plz remember i loved this story and would very much love a sequal but this is just one crazy thirteen year olds opinion but plz do a sequal i will die from well i dont know what ill go crazy(huh too late you thinkin?).ha just keep goin and write some more it keeps people like me sain and i can swear that i am not on drugs or on alcohol of any kind(we had sniffer dogs in school)honest.well keep writing.your devoted reader Katherine
12/18/2005 c7 Born-to-boogie
hello again you probably dread my reveiws by now but im always like this when im in love with a story, it gos like this go on and on about how brilliant it is or make a little joke about it but for yours im stuck for words its such an origional writing style it almost mirrors ASP(almost not quite after all she is one heck of a writer)however keep it up cos if you dont i might just lose my life from deprevation and obsessive compulsive dissorder
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