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for EE Conversations #2- Their Hatred of Her

6/18/2002 c1 She's a Star
Ooh, that was very good...it expressed perfectly how Senna had David bewitched, and the effect she had on his judgement.

*applauds* Very nicely done. :)
5/30/2002 c1 22Lady Lylia
Interesting. :)
11/20/2000 c1 Sean F
I think your fic is great. I've always liked things that got into a character's mind, this is perfect.
11/9/2000 c1 LyleaAVL
As always I love the thoughts and stuff... it seems that well david ws under seena's control that was probably what he was thinking, but anyway, awesome!
7/14/2000 c1 Tom Riddle
hummm... nice information... I'll have that Senna girl joining my Death Eaters soon... very soon...

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