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5/8/2007 c26 7Rikku the bluefirevixon
tis exciting. I've always liked the name Artemis; i sure hope her weilder, Tipereth, is no dissapointment. So was that heartless just one of Sephiroth's own inner heartless or something? Anyways, I will like to see what other characters you create from Sephy, and then if they are to be contained what will happen? *dramatic gasp* Anyways, Angel Memories is now complete and time to go on to the next part of the trilogy.

Good Job!

~ * ~ Rikku
5/8/2007 c25 Rikku the bluefirevixon
Quite a climatic ending. Very nicely done. The thought process in choosing was done well. I almost wondered if he would go with Riku for a while... but anyways, good ending. I can honestly say, that in the course of this section of the story, the writing did begin to steadily improve. Anyways, I can really tell that this was all thought out. Good Job.

~ * ~ Rikku
5/8/2007 c24 Rikku the bluefirevixon
I forgot to say that the fight in the last chapter was good.

This whole theory with Sephiroth and his several nobodies is rather interesting- i wonder if it could actually work like that. Though it does seem as if I was on to something in my reviews a long long while back. But anyways, just two more chaps!

Good Job

~ * ~ Rikku
5/8/2007 c23 Rikku the bluefirevixon
oh, foreboding. I liked the thing with Masamune. There's clearly a parallel between it and muramasa (who is the her... who is apparently used interchangeable with masamune when it comes to swords... i think)

anyways. this is mysterious-like. Can't wait to see where it goes.

good job!

~ * ~ Rikku
5/5/2007 c22 Rikku the bluefirevixon
Interesting... I just looked into the names and found the whole mysticism thing. It sounds pretty cool; i'm interested to see how you use it. btw, i like the girl already. i'm interested to learn more about these characters and see where it all goes. A for creativity.

good job

~ * ~ Rikku
5/4/2007 c21 Rikku the bluefirevixon
finally getting back to reviewing after a crazy week of school.

hm, interesting action sequences. Once again my lack of FFVII knowledge serves to make me somewhat confused. Like... why would he cut off her head? ah well, I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the plot with Namine play out.

good job

~ * ~ Rikku
4/27/2007 c20 Rikku the bluefirevixon
very dark, that's for sure. now i don't know enough to say for sure, but it really seems that all the people who kept appearing were just like, figments of his mind or something- since he had already killed them all. *shrugs* who knows. I'm thinking that it might be easier to read if Sephiroth's struggles against the memory itself were somehow separated... not that it matters now since I know you're not going back to redo any of this...

but anyways, good job

~ * ~ Rikku
4/25/2007 c19 Rikku the bluefirevixon
I bet this would be bigger if I knew FFVII... dang. Yay for Tifa's brief appearance. Also, the way you had Sephy combating the memory was done really well- it definately worked. Poor Namine, what is the objective Organization XI is using her to acheive?

anyways, good job

~ * ~ Rikku
4/23/2007 c18 Rikku the bluefirevixon
Aw, poor ickle dragon. He just wanted some dinner...

By the by, still like Zack- he's fun.

I wonder how each of these memories are chosen anyways...

atually, you know what i just realized? I haven't played FFVII and I haven't played CoM, so that makes me... like really behind on this fic, right? oh well...

good job

~ * ~ Rikku
4/23/2007 c17 Rikku the bluefirevixon
wow, it's so weird to see sephiroth like this... so weird. He just doesn't get it. Little copy Riku need a different name, like George or something.

good job.

~ * ~ Rikku
4/21/2007 c16 Rikku the bluefirevixon
wow, i feel stupid. I totally missed the soldier being Cloud in the last chapter. Even with that last statement thing. At first I thought it might be with the hair, but then it kinda slipped out of my mind, and then it didn't come back until I saw a review where it was brought up and now it is really obvious. *sigh* it was late; i was a bit slow at the time.


so this means Sephiroth has to have a Nobody then, right? hm, i wonder how that will all work out. the plot is really starting to unfold. duh duh duhn!

you know, poor riku replica. the guy just wants to be loved...

anyways, good job!

~ * ~ Rikku
4/20/2007 c15 Rikku the bluefirevixon
alright! review for chapter 15 (i'm on a roll now). Okay, i know I'm supposed to be in bed, but I decided to leave a review first... because, well, I procrastinate. Anyways, Zack is an amusing character- wish i actually knew who he was.

Sephie is becoming more and more bishie with these emotions, haha.

okie, bed time now.

good job!

~ * ~ Rikku
4/20/2007 c14 Rikku the bluefirevixon
yay! Axel is the bestest! I noticed there are a couple of tense change problems, but... *restrains self* will... not... edit... ANYWAYS, I would really like to know more about the relationship that Axel and Namine have. Actually, I'm hoping that KH2: Final Mix might help to clear that up a bit. It was interesting to hear Axel say he cared about her... *bright fic idea* no, must finish rikku fic first...

gr, ok, good job :)

~ * ~ Rikku
4/20/2007 c13 Rikku the bluefirevixon
Once again, my lack of knowledge concerning CoM isn't very helpful. I know absolutely nothing about the Riku replica besudes, well the obvious (aka that he is a replica of Riku). So for now, I'll just have to read, nod, and smile (pretending like I know what's going on).

good job :)

~ * ~ Rikku
4/19/2007 c12 Rikku the bluefirevixon
ah, this makes me wish I had played Chain of Memories. It would be so much more useful to have a better idea of what's going on with each of the characters (particularly Namine) It's interesting how he transitions from room to room through memories like this. ('course this would probably make perfect sense if I had played the game and already knew that stuff like this happened...)

anyways, I think the reninaction of Sephiroth meeting Masmune was very cool. well done!

~ * ~ Rikku
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