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9/13 c1 R8
Nabiki the fucking disgusting bitch
8/25/2019 c22 1Kapola Nuva
looking forward to the end. I must admit i favored the parts before the hyper gate then after. but it is all good reading. like i said, looking forward to the end!
7/20/2019 c22 kenbre
Really great story hope to see more
4/28/2019 c22 The Thirteenth Sapphire
I've loved reading this story! I hope you can finish it one day.
3/28/2019 c22 ElyseSyrova
I've enjoyed this so far, but I have to point out a couple of problems here.

First, one of the challenges of Mars colonization is the highly caustic, abrasive surface material. Specifically, the soil of Mars has exceptionally high levels of perchlorates, essentially (though perhaps oversimplisticly) the chemicals dissolved in ordinary water to form chlorine bleach. While massive chemical alteration of the Martian soil might be possible, even with teleportation capabilities as depicted, it would take decades to effectively render the soil "safe".

Second, even common water, if taken from a world with a principally ammonia atmosphere, will have significant amounts of ammonia dissolved in it.

Think what happens when you mix ammonia and bleach (PLEASE, Do NOT try it at home; Google it instead). By pouring out ammonia-laced water onto perchlorate-rich soil, the Asgard aren't making Mars more habitable to humans, but creating plumes of toxic gas to fill the (incredibly low-pressured!) carbon dioxide atmosphere of the planet. Good way to corrode the lungs (and skin, and eyes...) of any of the unprotected humans who survived decompression suffocation.

Alternate, safer sources for water include water ice comets, which are in something of an abundance in the Sol system's Kuiper belt (orbit of Pluto out). While most would still require some attention to separating out undesirable chemicals, it'd be a lot easier (if time consuming), and would only require some of their in-system gates to deliver.

More of issue is Mars' lower gravity, which makes it much harder to retain an atmosphere and liquid surface water, as well as the lack of an active planetary EM field to deflect charged particles and radiation from the Solar wind to the poles and away from the rest of the surface.. I'd think that those would be more important problems for the Asgard's Clarketech and the Senshi's planetary magic to tackle. Finding water, or even synthesizing oxygen from water is _much_ easier by comparison.

Anyway, looking forward to your wrap up chapters.
7/18/2018 c22 Quatre24
Why did they even brother with terraforming the dead planets in our sol system when there is alpha, beta etc., sites ready to go where they could move people to unless a few certain people are so desperate to have their kingdom back or can not move away being tied down to the sol system. Why would the SGC surpport them whom seem like a nice version of the Gould. How can there be voting when someone whose only thing in life is doing well in the birth lottery can just ignore it.
5/15/2018 c22 Reviewer of the West
Great story, please keep it up!
5/7/2018 c9 6tarrangar
What the hell? Mamoru is empowered by the Earth Kingdom not the Moon Kingdom, he has the power of his line, Princess Serenity and Endymion falling in love, was something that happened during their previous life, before that they weren't connected at all, yet the Earth Kingdom had it's own powers before that.

If Usagi is actually planning to create such a link and it wasn't needed, then I think Usagi has just become evil, soulmates aren't a good thing, being able to choose who you want to be with is, being bound in such a way that you can only have a good relationship with one person isn't.
5/7/2018 c6 tarrangar
I reviewed early for chapter 7, so I will post the rest of my review here.

I think you are portraying Ryouga a little unflattening, I don't think he ever tried to see Akane naked or anything, he just like being shown genuine affection, which is rather understandable with how much he gets lost, sure it's the affection for a pet, but with how little he sees his family or other loved ones, it's understandable that he likes the affection, that's how Ryouga became infatuated with Akane if I remember right, she was kind to him in pig form, and Ryouga fell in love with that kindness, and it's of course a plus that it annoys Ranma something fierce.

So while what Ryouga do is wrong, I wouldn't say it's that wrong.

And it's entirely fitting that Ranma eat for 2 one of them being Canal in the restaurant, after all Canal is feeding on Ranma's KI stores, so it's thematically fitting for him to eat her food as she get's her food from him so he needs to eat for 2, so yeah I thought that little detail was well done in the chapter.
5/7/2018 c7 tarrangar
Martial Artists don't really age normally, Cologne and happosai shows that well, they don't live forever, but they seem to live at least 5 times as much as the human average, or that's the case for the best Martial Artists at least, unless you aren't going with them being 300 years old.
4/20/2018 c9 21Byakugan789
Well that was dramatic.

And what sort of idiot wouldn't have the ship designed to draw from the entire crew? Especially if energy is a concern? That's why all of your brothers were failures, canal... It wasn't JUST the sacrifices, the entire race were morons, every step of the way.

Instead of several hundred lives being sacrificed to make a ship, several million employees should give 1% of their Ki. That can be recovered in a day or week for a high production value. Instead of 1 captain, the whole crew should be part of the regular power generation, it'd allow for not draining your captains to death regularly and having better shields, speed, teleport windows, weapons, ect... Between the two fixes you could have multiple classes of ships running from scout to capital. Hell, world ships! Flying habitats where every citizen contributes to the world vacationing in random nebula and avoiding exploding suns, surprise asteroids and black holes while occasionally going deathstar to smite fools.
4/14/2018 c8 Byakugan789
On their way back they should stop by for some asteroid mining. Both for the ship, and for the groups pocketbooks. 1 ton of gold is actually Pretty Small and VERY LUCRATIVE. Allow the senshi to do all sorts of things they couldn't before.
4/12/2018 c7 Byakugan789
Ooh, sneaky sneak... clever ship. Ranma needs to start learning from Canal post haste.

"Well, unless Genma had managed to promise Ranma to some alien girl..."
Have you ever read Boku no Futatsu no Tsubasa? Makoto-chan would be ironically perfect for Ranma and is definitely alien.
4/11/2018 c6 Byakugan789
Silly ship...she will learn. Nabiki would make Ranma teach several thousand students so that they could manufacture ships like Canal without needing to kill anyone. And then make enough money to buy Japan off the sales. As for needing to stay within 300 miles... why not have Ranma Teach Canal the Umi-sen, and have it stay in the airspace above the Tendo House? Or, hell, park on the Dojo roof. Ki can reinforce the building if it's too much.
4/11/2018 c5 Byakugan789
Wow. Dark, but somehow lighter than the original series.
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