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6/29/2008 c2 Madhatter45
Hm..good I like it.
3/6/2006 c1 5Pink Spider11
you haven't given this story up have you? Please write more soon! This story is too wonderful and I want to know what happens so desperately!
1/29/2006 c8 Mystery Guest
Well well! Well done! I was pleasantly surprised upon reading this story to find it much better than I expected from the summary. Your use of language is excellent, inspite of the fact that you need to watch the occasional grammar and spelling, and your Erik and Christine are very much in character. I look forward to fluff in later chapters though. It makes all the anxt worth it.

Anyway, do keep up the good work and update again soon!
1/8/2006 c8 Lucia
Dear Poppy, welcome back, it is wonderful that you had upgraded your lovely fiction. I have great expectations about it, dear, you started with a great thesis and I the development, although sometimes is very angsty (but the own character of Erik is like that and poor young Christine, so meek)... At least, we have been assured, since the beginning that it is a EC fiction.

About this chapter, I liked Erik's morbid reflections about death, it sounded me like a crescendun (starting about social details Charlie's coaxing for the funeral, the choice of the coffin, of his clothing for the burial going to more to metaphisical thinking, like decomposition and his final despair (too much normal for grieving ones) of not being alowed to join the dead loved one). It is a great poetic effect.


It is good that you include Charlie, I think you should give us more details about him - he resembles Erik or Christine, how old he is, etc.

I hope you upgrade it soon!

1/7/2006 c8 Pink Spider11
I just found this...and I am glad that I have! This story is so wonderful...I cant wait to see what happens next!
1/7/2006 c8 Mominator
It's rather distressing to think of an old Erik. (sniffle) But you've done a great job of portraying his feelings and resulting behavior regarding her death.

Besides, I'm rather partial to original work. :D

Ready for more when you are!

1/6/2006 c8 18Jedi Bubbles
I feel like crying right now. I'm not lying. I want to know why Christine can't stay with Erik, as well! Post soon, please. Btw, good job so far but please watch your spelling. I caught a couple errors but that's most likely because I'm a spelling nazi.
12/22/2005 c6 Mominator
Well, we *know* how this ends, but I can't *wait* to see what happens to change Christine's opinion of Erik so dramatically. Especially since she so obviously wants little to do with him at the moment.

Oh, I *loved* the part where Erik thinks he'll never wash the red cloak again, now that it carries Christine's scent. LOL! It's *so* much like what a middle school or young high school age person might do. And it's even more amusing that Erik recognizes this.

I do look forward to more! :)

12/22/2005 c6 KB No One
12/20/2005 c5 14The Flying Breadstick
I would like to take this opportunity to point out I hadn't read this chapter aside from when I edited it; I merely pitied your lack of reviews. Then again, people tend to go off of this site around Christmas time, and I can't say I particularly blame them. Anyway, here's the review part:

It is good.

That's my digital duty done.

I would like to point out a slight mistake I noticed in the posting of this chapter; this latest installment of your tale was dedicated to Amy. AMY. WHY?

*sobs* I feel unloved...

Happy Christmas! This may seem like a rather random question, but are you attending the Midnight Mass this year?

12/4/2005 c4 Mominator
Well, the twist can't be *too* much of a surprise. After all, the first chapter appears to indicate that Christine shared a long life together.

But, I *am* anxious to find out how that comes about. :D

12/4/2005 c4 The Flying Breadstick
"Grammatical bitch"? Well I never! I'm hurt you would consider me in such a light; I would NEVER bitch about a friend's grammar...

That being said, you HAVE made a few errors: the plural of "Monsieur" is "Messieurs", "Madame" is "Mesdames" (unless you're using the English spelling, in which case it's "Madam" and "Madams"; usually the title given to a brothel-keeper or a customer at a retail shop) and "Mademoiselle" is the simpler "Mademoiselles".

I'm sorry; I tried to keep my grammatical obsession under control, I really, really did... :( Maybe you should email the next chapter and I can correct it for you...

That being said, grammatical and typing mishaps don't actually take anything away from your writing style; your fan fiction is still a pleasure to read. Now, when you say "'cunning' plot twist", are you saying it in the same manner as Baldrick does in Blackadder, or are there no headless chickens involved?

Happy writing, and see you in a week's time,

11/20/2005 c1 Lucia
Dear Poppy, thank you very much for your story.

First of all, congratulations for your good taste in choosing your nickname, I saw it and thought, wow, how poetic (I personally love poppies, since I needed to went under a surgery to remove a tumor 12 years ago and I needed morphina to endure my pos-surgery pains).

I loved your point of view, I always loved Erik and children stories, and always wondered how would be the Phantom in a married life with a wife and kids. I think that be able to remain married and raise kids is a victorious life nowadays and I loved read your fiction.

Please go until the end, I know that you can offer us a great and inspiration story.

I am very grateful.


Ah, I am a Brazillian reader, so, please, forgive me my grammar mistakes.

11/20/2005 c3 The Flying Breadstick
Good chapter, lovely descriptions. I don't like how my reviews for this story the previous time that it's been uploaded was deleted, hey, what can you do? I'm certain that it's all been in good cause, as you now have three other readers/reviewers. Go Lara! Whoo! Anyway... sorry to say, but there were a few - a very very very FEW - typing errors in this chapter. "Dedicated" doesn't have a "p" in it. I'm sorry to be such a grammatical bitch, I really really am, but it's just my way. This chapter makes me wonder exactly how much you'll be deviating from the movie version. Anyway, update soon!

~The Flying Breadstick
11/19/2005 c3 Mominator
Looks like Raoul is good for something after all (keeping lewd old men away from Christine.) LOL!

Can't wait for Red Death's appearance. :D

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