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for Corpora Quadrigemina

5/1/2006 c3 Miss-Aoi
I loved this, everything fell into place and seemed so very right. The way you handle the characters is exceptional and refreshing. You flesh them out, not just using the basic outline of their stereotypes like I've seen others do.

The tone in all of these was very well-written. You've got David who could care less and is angry, Jalil panicked and scared, and Christopher who uses his humour to hide the fact that he's not going to try anymore.

Thank you for sharing.
12/6/2005 c2 232Kay the Cricketed
Oh wow. No, you're right, that was even better than David's part. *stunned* Oh. Oh wow.

*tackles Jalil* DON'T WORRY, I'LL PROTECT YOU.

Hah, but really... god, what an intense piece of writing. You did a wonderful job of making us feel that raw, sharp element of fear, the unpredictable jolt of it that just stops everything. Fantastic. And the opening, the whole metaphor about the hard drive and computer, that was so Jalil that I almost squealed out loud in happiness. You write him so very good, maybe even better than most writers I know. Definitely better than me, anyway, which just makes me even happier. Wow. :D

Really interesting idea, the whole transfer of the OCD. I had never considered it. BRILLIANT, though, and I love the small snatches of dialogue. You're a great writer, yanno?
12/6/2005 c1 Kay the Cricketed
*adds you to Author Alert list* Oh my god, you are brilliant. Seriously. I secretly wanted to see more of this fic, and YOU DID IT. YOU ARE AWESOME.

So much love for David in chapter one. *still needs to read the rest* God. Excellent writing, really, it's so realistic and raw, completely well-chosen for this piece. Very Everworld-style, actually, which I admire because I have yet to pull it off.

David, you are just... oh, you need a hug. *wibbles*

THIS line was brilliant: It was longish and sharp, like you would use for cutting bread or meat or someone that calls your father a bastard.

You rock ever so much. Gonna read chapter two now.

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