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12/21/2006 c4 Yamashi
I've enjoyed your story so far. It hilarious! Who doesn't love a twisted take on hoe Voldie is really like? Especially when he's more like a petulant child than an evil mastermind. XD Please continue! Oh, and the 7th book will probably be a long time coming, so I say you shouldn't wait for it-or if you do, please let us know. Good job!
11/7/2006 c1 newdragonrider
TOMMY! omg! *rotf* This is HILARIUS!
10/28/2006 c3 1QueenOfHalf-BakedIdeas
I'd like to see this Voldemort meet Dr. Evil...
10/11/2006 c4 30The-Caitiff
This is a wonderful piece of fiction. Favorited!
9/6/2006 c4 Marevas
Oh God, I'm about to explode.


Plase keep going you've made my day.
7/25/2006 c4 6Tsuki Aquarius Hanju
This is one of the most humerous fics I've read. You HAVE to update this one. I've already added it to my favorites list, so you'd better update! Do you think you could answer my question from my earlier review? about the Tommy thing? I'd love to see what he'd think of the musical ^_^. I like how he thinks of Harry as a cockroach, it's really cute. Please keep updating the days in the life of Voldy-chan (another nickname I have for him).

7/25/2006 c3 Tsuki Aquarius Hanju
Hmm. That is a good debate. if you wait for book seven, your more then likely going to set to up so that it's "litarily (again, misspelled) correct" However, given the impatience of some readers, finishing it off your way might be a good idea as well, and leaves a sense of origonality (I'm begining to think I can't live w/out spellcheck). But then, people might no like what's been put down. Then there is the other direction one of your fic's nature could take, and use a fanfic about book seven as your basis, but then you couldn't continue it until it was updated (I'd suggest Tennyo's Curse, but that's still a work in progress, and it only has two and a half chapters posted up 'u_u'). Either way, all three directions sound good, and have their downsides. (I just complicated things for you, didn't I?) Gomenesai! I liked the chappie, though. You have a natural talent!

7/25/2006 c2 Tsuki Aquarius Hanju
Like I said, this is halarious! (Okay, I know I can't spell to save my life, so please don't get on me for it!). I esp. like how he signs of, "Tommy." i wonder if he'd like the musical, by the Who. V-chan said that he'd kill the person who'd sing it, but I wouldn't know. Could you anawer that question for me in your next update? Arigato!

7/25/2006 c1 Tsuki Aquarius Hanju
This is absolutely funny! My friend, V-Chan, has always tried to bring to light the privet life of Lord Snake-Breath (that's my nickname for him), Byt your views! not only are they halarious (Misspelled, I know), they arn't peverted! (that's a good thing). I'm gonna keep reading this, this is a great laugh!
7/24/2006 c4 MadeleineElizabeth
hehe this is soo funny please update soon!
7/11/2006 c4 Sarah
Has anyone told you how much of a genius you are lately? XD And I definately hope yout ake it in your own direction.

I find the references to Shay and The Bitch amusing.

...Makes me wish I could read a diary from Gabriel's verse.

..You know whats sad?

...I'm just thinking of this fic as an alternate to Gabriel rather then just a fic of HP..-.-''

Heh! You're too amusing!

Voldie's so flambouyant and cute.
7/10/2006 c4 AngelCat HellFire
Hah, never fails to make me chuckle.
7/10/2006 c4 SailorHecate
Fantastic chappie! The image of Voldemort pouting made me start laughing... at 11:37 P.M. My aunt looked at me really strangely... Anyways, I hope you update soon!
7/4/2006 c3 AngelCat HellFire
Wow, it's been a while since I've read something so amusing.

5/6/2006 c3 dm

I think you should write your own end... book seven is so far away ;-)

tommy really is crazy, but that's funny.
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