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5/8/2006 c5 20bellecatastrophe
I don't get anything that's happened... what I've gathered is that Azure is Raven and Robin's kid... this is too confusing! reply back please with an explanation!V
5/8/2006 c2 bellecatastrophe
go rae/rob, go rae/rob, go - wait, wait, wait - this is rae's BROTHER! am I correct? Wait, don't answer that. i'll find out next chappie!

happy writing !

(p.s. Kool story so far...)
2/1/2006 c5 darkmagic21

i love ur story

u have to update soon or i'll get really mad!
1/30/2006 c5 10Dragon-Fire-Fairy
I loved it! Please update sooner!
1/30/2006 c5 19FebruaryNight
lol, i agree with starfire...faiting isn't that romantic. So robin finally reliezed something worth wile...or did he? dun-nu-nu-nun...

i have way to much fun reviewing you.

keep writing

1/29/2006 c5 139Poison's Ivy
omg, such a good chapter, but a long wait. oh who cares. plz update faster next time. not trying 2 rush u, but it's so good!
1/29/2006 c5 6CloudsOfHindrance
Mysterious cliffy...I like it a lot, actually. Most people I know hate the big cliffies.

The chapter is definitely good and do continue.

Keep it up!

1/29/2006 c5 lunafan
omg what a great chapter! i had forgotten of this story so i reread the last chapters and remember now..so good, love it. this chapter is the best so far,hehe.

1/29/2006 c5 21Zoe Saugin
Oh. It's good. Very sad, but...good.
1/29/2006 c5 5Tears of Insanity
-claps and applauds- Great chappie! Twas a little confusing when you switched at first but I think hat was how it was supposed to be so it's all good ^^ Is 'the King' Robin by any chance? -ish curious-
1/29/2006 c5 8Juvia Loxar
well, thank you ever so much for the shout-out.

and don't leave me hanging! over already? it was gettin' pretty good...and star was funny, not dumbfunny, but i'd prefer it if she was cutefunny, no bashing whatsover.

but this is your story, and i was just trying to get an opinion or something.

can't wait for the next update!

in the meantime, i think i'll read the chapter again...^_^

god bless,

1/7/2006 c4 19FebruaryNight
awsome, yet again. you better update soon, i don't deal with cliff hangers well. i'm dieing to know what happens! and what is going on? so i'm guessing that azure is rae and rob's kid ... and this is like a uncle scroge thing where robin gets to see his mistakes? please don't make rae die...of course if you did, well i dunno it might be more interesting ( maker her die in the furture i mean) but i don't want her to die so i'm not sure what i rather...not that it makes a difference you are the author. you have supreme control - damn you. okay so i'm all wondering whats going to happen and all suspenceful so well update soon


p.s. don't take anything i say to heart

P.s.s. or is it p.p.s i'm just rambling, i like to do that sometimes...except your story is awasome

P.s.s.s. or p.p.p.s well take the p.s.s or p.p.s message to heart

p.s.s.s.s p.p.p.p.s this is alot longer than i intended it to be + ignore my horrible spelling
1/7/2006 c4 139Poison's Ivy
this is good! please update a.s.a.p.!
1/7/2006 c4 arielkid78
hurry and update! i loved it
1/7/2006 c4 10Dragon-Fire-Fairy
OMG I LOVE IT! You'd better update soon! Or i well just die of anxiousness
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