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6/17/2009 c8 5Xave
Hey, this is kinda cute, I think a lot more work can go into their characters. It is very out of character in some places, like when Fayt says "Gee, thanks!" (I never heard him say that before), and for Albel that is a relationship going really fast (he is very socially inept; take his past into consideration).

There also seems to be no sense of timing or place; like, is this after the game, or during? And where?

I think this is a good idea, and I like the shorter chapters. I don't know about anybody else, but seeing a huge block of text is just discouraging! Lol, so I think the length is good.

I will keep this on alert, though. Good luck =].
2/8/2007 c1 5Girl-who-sings-the-blues
Yes... just "A Thank You" Abel...

He's so antisocial! _ ;
1/4/2006 c8 Dragon Chyld
Well, looks like they both have something to say... Let's see if things work out in the next chapter :)
12/7/2005 c7 1keeki
I like this story it's different, short but sweet. Keep up the good work!
12/6/2005 c7 Cliff's Girl
Oh, this gets better and better. I love the sneeze scene. Sounds like the two have a case of my bad luck.

Continue...wouldn't be nice to leave the two alone in that cave - and it's snowing. I know you're not that mean ;)
11/28/2005 c7 12Dragon Chyld
I really enjoy this. It's also great when I want to jump on but don't have a lot of time - story of my life sometimes ^^;

ACHO! - I have to laugh and cringe at the same time. I was laughing while saying "Oh, no, not that - haha" I love the way they are both thinking the same thing.

Nice way you toggled back and forth between the cave and Airyglyph, added a bit of suspence.
11/23/2005 c5 Dragon Chyld
Cute...real cute. I like the thoughts and Sophia thinking she was dead and wondering if she would go to heaven.

I wonder if anyone will try to find them, if they are going to be out all night.
11/23/2005 c5 chibi usagi
Aww...this is cute. Just be sure not to rush the romance. Take it slow to give them time for their feelings to develop. ^^
11/23/2005 c4 Dragon Chyld
Oh no, not dead...But she can't be or this would be an Albel story and not a SophiaXAlbel, huh? Well, on to the next chapter.
11/22/2005 c4 Cliff's Girl
No...No...Not dead!

"But, I...I...just..." (Just couldn't kill a weak monster? Don't like the idea of killing? Or is it something else?)

With all these Alphia stories, I'm getting to read a variety. I love it.
11/20/2005 c3 Dragon Chyld
Sophia's singing puts Albel at ease - NICE!

Though short, I'm still interested on how it goes. Next it's time to train.

P.S. yeah, took me a while to figure out the system here. I turned my anon blocker off after reading some reviews for other stories. Then I found out you can delete them.
11/20/2005 c3 Cliff's Girl
Yes! When I read the reviews I was hoping you would turn off the anon review blocker thing (what ever it is - I don't have an account).

I agree with Dragon Chyld, short and sweet but interesting. I would really like to see Albel slap his forehead, I found that part humorous.

Keep going, I'm becoming a fan of various couples.
11/19/2005 c2 Dragon Chyld
Yeah, sometimes I find myself in the mood for something shorter also. I go up and down on ready to read long ones then short ones.

Well, short or not I like it.
11/19/2005 c1 Dragon Chyld
Short and sweet. Hope this is the prologue for more.

Oh, and I don't know if this is intentional or not, but you have anon. reviews blocked. I went to review and forgot I wasn't logged on. I know some like to keep it on, but you can delete anon. reviews. I know, I had to delete one from a story of mine.

Continue :)
11/19/2005 c1 7Shizuka Usagi
Not bad. It could be longer though. Yes! Another addition for my AlbelxSophia c2. (If anybody even sees that thing...) Keep writing.

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