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for The Hush of Mist Above Crimson

9/9/2009 c10 2Caly-Girl
that was a really good story :)its definatley going on my favs list
6/15/2007 c10 5Purple Mistress
I love this story a lot ^_^
6/7/2007 c10 1forgottengirl11
I luved this story. It's breathtaking and good detailed.(SasuSaku)
3/2/2007 c10 5Igor Lollipop
I love this story.

The end was the very best.
2/9/2007 c10 keepONsmiling
YAY! I LOVE LOVE LOVE x10 UR FIC! The scenery descriptions are beautiful and the fight scenes just great! And e kiss-olala- i juz love ur fic! keep it up!
12/4/2006 c10 6CloudedMirror
i just read ur story! i loved it! i like how u try to stay with the characters original personality. i hate it when other writers change sasuke's personality...it changes his coolness! i love the way u were able to keep his personality practically the same. i also think that you are a great writer. you describe the background very well and you intertwine humor and romance into action/adventure vey well. i love reading action/adventure with a little romance in it. i hav read many stories and yours so far has been my favorite. hehehe i had to get an account just to review you hehehe but im glad i did hehehe...oo i wud also like to say that your fight scene was fantastic and u did a great job on it!
11/27/2006 c10 Xia Momo Capernicus
aww, the last chapter! TT.TT oh well, it was awesome, good job!

why did kakashi pull naruto aside?
11/26/2006 c10 Kaydreams
Brillant! Loved it!^^
11/26/2006 c10 dashdashhypenspace
GREAT ending! I loved it! Sakura and Sasuke, finally! Hehehe. Kakashi and Naruto are so funny, and the 'I Spy', was funny. GOOD JOB!

*you should write another Naruto chapter story, WOO!*
11/25/2006 c2 2chiaki lonna
WOW! NICE I Like it a lot! Thx for the great story.^.-
11/22/2006 c10 000000000000000000000
that story was absoultly wonderfull. good job!
11/22/2006 c10 19sekretfandom
aw, it was amazing. it had elements of everything, and you know, you write the battle scenes pretty well. usually I skip fight scenes in fics bc they're so poorly written, but yours were done well enough to totally keep my attention. kudos!

and i love that the relationship btwn sasuke and sakura was so subtle, and that they were confused almsot the whole time lol.

i can't wait to see more from you!
11/22/2006 c10 4goyankeesbooredsox
your story was awesome! i just wish that it would keep going on
11/5/2006 c9 dashdashhypenspace
GREAT chapter! That was so cool! Probably THE best fighting scenes I've read! Update soon! Heh, you're so cool.
10/30/2006 c9 goyankeesbooredsox
awesome story
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