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4/12/2013 c3 Tracie
Omg ur awesome! Plz can u write more!
7/1/2011 c4 33TypesOfCrazy
I'm confused, was he talking out loud when he said all that? That was a huge and major brain breakdown on that one
5/1/2009 c16 4LunaxXmoongoddessXx
it's actually an interesting story, although each chapter's are small, and as for the lemon, it helps if you take out the parenthesis unless it refers to the story. but still it was good. By the way, are you going to add more chapters and update or are you going to end it now?
2/27/2008 c16 150Poisoned Scarlet
for your first lemon it was good^^ with more practice youll get better though XD dont worry! I hvent even written a lemon...yet. lol update!

12/3/2007 c16 Monica
OMG! why would you describe tenten/neji sex but not sasu/saku ! urg! ( lmfao) but its ok ! anyways... you shold REALLY make ur chappies longer ! ^^
11/21/2006 c16 Death's Kiss
Lemon god! Oh, no! Kakashi's rubbing off on me! WHY!

Seriously that was TOO GOOD.
11/14/2006 c16 3C.A.M.E.O.1 and Only
In Shika's case, it MUST b the cigarettes he's been smoking. (HE SMOKES! Read the latest Naruto!)
11/13/2006 c16 maniackiller12

i forgot this was a rated M... oh my GOD..

my poor innocent mind! and now i ask myself.. WHY THE FUCK AM I READING THIS?

as for your qtion.. yeah.. we can say the lemon is good.. oO

im much more used to rated M yaoi.. *sigh*
11/12/2006 c16 ninastylee
no comment...
9/23/2006 c15 Jun
What. The. Fuck.
7/25/2006 c15 ninastylee
Nice story...! update soon, WTF? BAbY! When did that happen?
7/23/2006 c15 2Hybrid thing
Funneh Funneh...I'd like to see more NaruHina .

Please update soon.
7/21/2006 c15 5iMizu-chan
whoah that was unexpected well anyway good job.
7/7/2006 c15 2DoubleDee068
please update soon!1
7/7/2006 c15 d e l e t e . s t a r s
Uh...okay? I lost interest in all the couples of this story...
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