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7/17 c7 4rockwithpeace13
I don't remember if I've commented before, but I just want to say that I've returned to this fic at least 4 times already and damned if this isn't the best POTC fic I'll ever read.
11/25/2017 c31 VorpalSward
I've been gobbling this amazing story up voraciously, zipping through the chapters, never even *considering*the possibility it might be incomplete...oh please, I know it's been 5 years, but if the fancy ever takes you, please please please add to this? I know nothing about sailing, but I'd proofread for you if you needed it. Or, or, whatever else you'd need to come back. This is definitely one of those stories that goes in my top tier of favorite fanfiction.
7/3/2017 c31 1BabyBoy
Honorat: this is the second time I've read through these wonderful 31 chapters of yours. Where's the rest of the story please? I know that Jip has to be reunited with Jack Sparrow! Do you have the rest of the story elsewhere? Please email me at . Thanks!
11/2/2016 c7 Guest
Sweet Jesus, little wonder. How is it that what you've writ is so clear clean true about the captain, his beautiful ship, his noble opponent, his harridan first mate, and a crew more loyal than even they are aware? I've gotten hungry for this story and yet I am a coward, tried to find a chapter that I could bear without being swept off the decks of my real life and into the swirling inevitable joy-pain of your epic. Didn't do too well though cos I've gone through half a roll of paper towels and my nose is still dripping in time to my teary drops. The last line is just stunning (and now I start weeping again hard) becos God I love a story where there is noble and honest and true, a knight's quest with an unusual and different kind of knight, a rouge and a rascal who has won my heart at first glance and will hold it til my own dying day as will your beautiful lovely dear tale. My imagination races along with the Pearl. Hope this finds you well and selfishly, with loads of free time and an unbearable itch to relate my captain's tale. Fair winds, good birding A
10/12/2016 c14 Reiline
Can't emphasise enough how much of a gem your fic is. It's AMAZING.
10/11/2016 c9 Natalia
This fic of yours, it's something real bloody special mate.
4/9/2016 c31 Rose
1/29/2016 c31 qwertzuiop4
Desperately waiting for an update...
8/14/2015 c31 gloria k
this is probably the best fanfiction i have ever had the pleasure of reading. were it a book, i would buy it right away. when i hit chapter 31 and there was no resolution in sight, when i thought it would be the wrap-up, it felt quite a bit like being stabbed. my heart is achy. i want to know what happens!

i hope that one day you'll bring this story back, for all our sakes, and for the sake of those in the future who like REALLY good stories. stories with characters that will haunt my daydreams for the next few months.

please come back to this one day, if only for a brief and gentle finale! (though a big spangled one would be good too. please? please?!)
2/21/2015 c31 1BabyBoy
I waited for some time for this chapter, and when it finally arrived, it took me way too long to read it. I just love, Honorat, how your stories resonant in the memory so that after all these many months, years really, I remembered the story enough that this chapter makes sense. You write emotions and dialog so well. I hope to read more of this story, as soon as you post it!
9/21/2014 c31 12creativesm75
11/23/2013 c7 xabier
First chapter was good, but from chapter 2 or 3 everything started to be repetitive and drawn out
11/23/2013 c5 xabier
Quick bit of info: "It is also considered inappropriate to perform work or to meet with subordinates in a wardroom" wiki/Wardroom
11/23/2013 c3 Catalina
The one issue I have with this story is Jack Sparrow: He seems almost too frilly and sympathetic, in his relationship with Anamaria. The real Jack Sparrow spares few thoughts for his many love interests, and to be honest, I skipped out on the bits of romance in this fic. But otherwise, it was nicely written, realistic and likable. One of the best fics in this community.
10/17/2013 c31 Be3
Oh what a cruel place to stop writing! I feel the thing might not be updated in the near future, but I will look out for it just the same. Superb style. This story is one of the few that makes visiting the ff net so rewarding.
Have you read the Aubreyad? The scenes when the Dauntless fired on the Black Pearl reminded me of how Jack Aubrey sank Vaukzemheit, or however that other ship was called.
Thank you ever so much for having written as mush as you have.
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