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for Thanksgiving

5/1/2006 c6 9Jess420
Great story hun! I love me a good Shawn story though. And you included the cliq so woo hoo for that :D Awesome job! Can't wait to read more wonderful things from you. :D
3/20/2006 c6 11Disco Inferno1
Thanksgiving dinner—finally! You said it! ;) Are you Southern? Because you’ve described most of our Thanksgiving dinner (I’m from North Georgia). I can see why Sari would break down now. “But I’m not people, honey, I’m daddy.”—great line! Fitting ending to this story. I’ve enjoyed reading it. Thanks for writing and sharing this.
3/18/2006 c6 17liloweewoah
great story, Lori! i loved it! it was a great story! can't wait to you make a new story!
1/4/2006 c5 liloweewoah
hey! great chapter! I can't wait for the next! I was so happy when Jesse finally believed Sari! Took him a long time!
12/18/2005 c4 11Disco Inferno1
“Screw the deal.”—I thought that was a pretty good deal. Oh, well. . .How did Shawn turn out like he did with parents like that? Looking forward to more and I hope your moving goes well. “Oh gee, I can’t wait until Thanksgiving Day comes,”—yeah, me too, and I mean that as reading more and with sarcasm over the grandparents arrival.
12/10/2005 c4 17liloweewoah
great chapter, Latisha! i loved it! i'll update again if you update too!
12/4/2005 c3 11Disco Inferno1
Kevin and Scott and their pounding was great. Like the little details about Shawn’s and Sari’s life in this chapter. I enjoyed it and I hope to see more soon! But I know how life can take over and interfere often.
12/2/2005 c3 17liloweewoah
awesome chapter! update soon!
11/25/2005 c2 liloweewoah
great chapter! i love the story at this point! Hope you update soon!
11/25/2005 c2 11Disco Inferno1
This is great! Since we just did our dinner yesterday, I sympathize with her. At least we didn't have stay over guests! I think I said a few of the same things-we're buying the food and if they don't like it, they don't have to eat and they should at least be grateful we have any! I think I made about four separate lists with my mom, so I know how Shawn's feeling. Looking forward to the actual dinner.
11/23/2005 c1 140justagirl8225
Great start.. with a very interesting concept. I'm looking forward to reading more.

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