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10/15/2017 c1 DongzhimenwaiDarling
I really enjoyed this!
6/18/2011 c1 3N. E. Won
That was a really nice, well-written story. I like how it's not overly romantic but simultaneously very much so.
11/4/2010 c1 5Crissytje
Just beautiful :)
3/15/2007 c1 58Bundibird
Pretty, i like.

11/17/2006 c1 1Snowfalcon
Wow, cool. I love Draco's perception of Hermione. It's funny that something so simple as a handshake can mean so much, and lead to anything.

10/26/2006 c1 mysticfire14
omigod...i love that song...and here i am now reading the most amazing song fic about my favorite song written by one amazing writer...why haven't i heard of you before?why are you still writing fan fics when you could do a J.K. Rowling selling trillions of your amazing works? are great!i love your works!

luv yah chicka. keep rockin'. \m/
3/9/2006 c1 3chaosinparis
DAMN. I just...guh. awesome
1/12/2006 c1 3AccountKiller2948750293
Amazing song. I can see how it might inspire one. Draco and Hermione pairings are particular favorites of mine. Thank you for all the effort you put in to your work.
1/10/2006 c1 mrs-accio-firebolt
This one is very poetic. And I'm on paragraph 3 still trying to figure out the mood. Is he regretting something? Or just remembering?

Though you mention that this is written differently than your normal stuff, it reminds me of chapters 2 and 3 of A Reason. Hermione's and Draco's POV on their encounter at the train. This one has the same feeling of introspection.

And I totally LOVED the last part. How Hermione is Hope for him. Acceptance. A chance for a new beginning.

Very very good work, Ally.


12/22/2005 c1 13Emma-Lee14
I have listened to that song so many times, thinking over and over again that it would make a beautiful fanfic. Or inspire one. And I was right, this was a wonderful bittersweet fanfic. I am a compleate Hr/D fan, and this fic was perfect for it. Hell, that song is perfect for it. It was really lovely.

12/17/2005 c1 71lorett

SQUEAL! This was fricking amazing!

Wow. I mean, wow. You really are quite a lovely story teller. I kinda wish you would take this one on to another chapter or two. I REALLY, REALLY liked it.

Bravo, my darling.

12/5/2005 c1 3Elven at Heart
Good story! But short. Oh well!

Elven at Heart
11/25/2005 c1 7RahNee
Yay Ally! I love introspectives on Draco. This was just beautiful! Marvelous, darling, really. I am so glad you posted this!

I am working on re-reading "Reason" so I can give your new chappie the attention it deserves... don't give up on me... I WILL get there eventually!

Love you darling, and so glad you are back in writing-mode!

11/24/2005 c1 kgjgu785674
'I am certain now that I am vindicated.'


Wow, Ally - this was brilliant! It was very different from your normal style but so very different from anything else in fandom as well! I really don't have any great pearls of insight or anything like that . . . I just thought this was great. It captured Draco and it captured me.

And Dashboard ALWAYS serves as inspiration for me, in small ways at least - I've been thinking of using 'The Good Fight' for the LONGEST time . . . someday.


11/24/2005 c1 1Blood Rust
Finally, I get to catch up! It's been so long, I've forgotten how much I love your style and easy ideas; I missed it during your long hiatus. Thank God you're back now. (By the by, I hope to get to "A Reason" later this weekend. I've been saving it until I really get a chance to sit down and enjoy it...and I think it's come at last.)

So, this little ficlet was fabulous. You're right, it is different from your usual stuff, but that doesn't mean it wasn't wonderful. It had a lot of ideas packed in a few words, and you gave the reader a stepping stone into another world, one that was as disjointed and isolated as Draco felt. It was odd how it worked so completely even as you deprived us with a true setting, a background, besides that which can be guessed from canon.

And my favorite lines, far and away the spirit of the whole piece, were: "Can a person change so completely in an instant? Would a person want to?" What a question! Let's examine an answer, shall we? Would we want to change? Yes and no, both, I think. Human nature asks us to reform, to change, but inertia works against us. Though our mind constantly berates us, forces us to feel inferior and have a nagging desire to change this feeling of constant humility, there is another part that insists we are find the way we are. Or perhaps not even that - there are plenty of people who have nothing but the deepest loathing for themselves and never do anything about it - but simply another force that makes our arms limp by our sides, presses the flesh and bone down to the cushions where we lounge in unsatisfaction. It's more than simple laziness, it's an abhorrance of change.

Thus, we are brought to the "can." It's less about the actual act of changing, I think, than it is by making a beginning. By taking the offered hand, as Draco does, we imbark on a long journey that includes a complete submission to human nature's clutches before we are ripped from its embrace to regain the false exterior each of us wears. The challenge lies in seeing the path that stretches before our feet. It's difficult to see through the fog of mistaken values and untrue desires, the superficial wantings and cravings that feed off our paper thin character. It doesn't take long to tear it apart. Which changes are truthful, healthy, appropriate? For Draco, at least, the choice seems obvious. There's danger before him and behind him, but there's always an escape from the desperation, even if there's not from the bullets and arrows that arc overhead.

Oh my, thoughts ran away with me again. I'll be over at "A Reason" ASAP, honey! Don't wait up. Much much much love,

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