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for Everything Has A Consequence No Pain, No Gain

6/26/2006 c14 21HopelessRomantic225
omg so cute! i love love love the names! adorable, and cant wait for another chappy.
6/13/2006 c13 7butterflyswest
oh i so think i may cry now just like i did with the last er of the season its going to be a long summer
6/4/2006 c12 Larissa
MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE! I would like to hear more
5/3/2006 c12 Kelsey hearts John Carter
This is awsome

keep writting

update soon please
5/2/2006 c12 23justawritier
great chapter.pls update soon.
4/24/2006 c11 justawritier
great chapter.pls update soon.
4/24/2006 c11 7butterflyswest
good stuff i like
4/23/2006 c11 5Neela149
Ew Morris!
4/4/2006 c10 23justawritier
good chapter.pls update soon.sry i didn't review earlier i was on vacation and didn't have acess to the net.
3/15/2006 c9 Clodagh
Yahh! Update soon!
3/15/2006 c9 justawritier
great chapter.pls update soon.Thanks for updating on my birthday :) i'm 18 today!
3/14/2006 c9 Evil Fierce Deity Link
Awsome story Alex-Buddy! Can't wait to read more! Write more chaps.!

3/1/2006 c8 Clodagh
Ahww...nice twist, they're really aren't enough neelant stories, in this chap they're happy, to happy..I can see some sort of twist comin. Great chap, update soon, can't wait!
2/27/2006 c8 justawritier
great chapter.pls update soon.
2/25/2006 c7 justawritier
awsome chapter.pls update soon.
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