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11/28/2009 c13 Kristl
I just found this story today and read it all the way threw I loved it and I hope you come back and finish it...
10/31/2009 c13 WishxOnxAxStar
Very good story I hope that you can update it soon
12/15/2008 c8 1alana2awesome
awesome chapter update soon
12/15/2008 c13 50rita louise evans
Loved it I hope Randy stops being an ass and is there for Amanda and their child. Please continue
10/20/2007 c12 semiyapayasam
OMG!How can randy leave her @ a time like this...good chapter..update soon!
8/24/2007 c12 6cassymae
Wow, love the story and drama, I wonder if Randy will continue to leav her...update soon, please? =]
3/22/2007 c12 1Ctinaisfashion
omg that was an asshole thing to do. i hope to read more soon.
1/25/2007 c12 17rory21
i read this story a couple of months ago and i love it :)

i'm very happy you updated and can't wait to read what's going to happen!
1/23/2007 c12 1orton lover
i love this story very much
1/21/2007 c12 1Takerslady
OMG! What is Randy doing! Poor Amanda. Are you going to detail this story and make it super long. Or are you going to skip by like 3 months later, 4 months later, like that? Great chapter, the end broke my heart. Update soon.
1/21/2007 c12 2NudeFitsLipsandPumps
This was a very nice chapter. I loved it. I was beginning to wonder if you were going to update this again, all I've got to say is great job. I'm glad you updated. I can't wait to see what happens with Amanda and Randy now. :)
1/21/2007 c12 50rita louise evans
Loved it, i can't belive Randy would do that, please continue
1/20/2007 c12 5KelsBama11
I loved it please update as soon as you can
1/20/2007 c12 11JahlisaC
12/17/2006 c11 4emmiiee'ox
Hey, sorry I didn't review the last ten chapters...I kinda got lost in the story...heh. I mean, like I say, I usually hate highschool fics, but there a couple of acceptions I will read and like. Yours being one of them. One of the best. I really like the story line...I mean, you did a beautiful job leading up to the pregnancy...it was like...everything was perfect, then it all crashed down.

It's very beautifully written, and on a less serious note, their kid's name should be (if it's a girl) Mandy. I mean, not because it's a short form of Amanda. Becasue it's Randy and Amanda's name mixed. Heh. And if it's a boy it should be Mandall. It's a real name...I think. Another mixture. Or Nikonay...never mind...you have to know 'the' Nikonay to get it. Yep.

On yet a serious note, I didn't find many mistakes. Only the occasional, 'blame stupid keyboards' mistakes. But your grammar is quite good, and your use of discription is amazing. I hope you continue soon.

-emma lea

(I'd ask you to try to read my highschool story, but It doesn't appear you're a fan of humor...who knows, you could be...but your style is 10x better then my cheap humor. Later.)
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