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for Myths of Azkaban: Legend of the Lord

8/27/2016 c6 Jacebralor
Update again soon!
3/8/2016 c6 1LunarCatNinja
This is interesting! I've only found one other person who's taken up this challenge, and this one has went rather different from that one, so I'm very happy!
12/14/2015 c6 edward1austin
I just finished ready your story PLEASE finish it!
6/18/2015 c6 1LandlessLord
Please don't forget to update soon, it would be a hinder in your amelioration.
4/3/2015 c6 42lazy2logon
Ooh!a Rita skeeter cooperation story!
12/3/2014 c6 carick of hunter moon
Even unfinished this is worth reading it is very well written but is it going to be A lost fan-fiction, I hope not, it would be a shame for it has the potential to grow into an outstand story
11/18/2014 c6 1geetac
I like the chapters very much.
10/5/2014 c6 12Finwitch1
What does this mean to Sirius? He never had a trial so...
3/7/2014 c6 16Gravity's Child
Definitely looking forward to the next chapter. I can't wait to see the looks on those failure's faces when they find out what they helped put into action.
3/2/2014 c6 85Firewolfe
Just found this piece its wonderful and I hope y ou return to it one day soon.
10/9/2013 c6 MeinNameIstHase
I appreciate it, that you portrait the problems of suddenly becoming a Lord and that you made Harry aware of those problems. And that most characters are still on the same side as in canon.
In short, I like the intricacies of your plot.
As to the public campaign:
It doesn't have to be Skeeter. Harry should be able to locate some other reliable Journalist. Blackmail doesn't earn one the other's full cooperation after all. And he might not want to give the impression, that Rita is the reliable source for information about the boy-who-lived.
6/4/2013 c6 imnotraven16
excellent story
4/22/2013 c6 thebetawholived
You have a very promising start to a story here. It's a bit of a stretch to have Malfoy and Snape helping Harry Potter, but it seems to flow.

I like the tone of the story, or maybe it's your writing style. Either way, I eagerly await events as they unfold.

Thank you!
4/13/2013 c6 bipolarwithcats
I hope this story continues.
2/6/2013 c6 Rio47
Oi who are you LOL. Great to see ya back mate good chapter I enjoyed it.
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