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for It's Hard To Say Goodbye

10/23/2011 c1 4StormNinja
are you really going to make another or is this fic on a really long hold? anyway fic is awsome
10/23/2011 c1 StormNinja
are you really going to make another or is this fic on a really long hold? anyway fic is awsome
1/11/2006 c1 17takuya
aww that was cute
1/3/2006 c1 bp
How gorgeous would Rei and Max's kid be? Update please.
12/4/2005 c1 1Cloaked Nocturne
monkeys? oh well UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE
12/2/2005 c1 15KiraraCutie
KiraraCutie: XD love it

Sanura: that's all?

KC: want more

Sanura: what do you say?

KC: upadate soon plez
11/28/2005 c1 25Akira of the Twilight
Akira: I am not a monkey but I shall review none the less.

Mimi: Oh! *pulls out camera and starts taking pictures*

Akira: Huff. Amateur. *pulls out camcorder* Yay! more MaxRei for my collection.

Mimi: *huggling Reion* Yay! Reion!

Akira: My muse used to huggle me but now she has Reion. *cries*

May: Baby.

Akira: *clings to May* Oh May!

May: *eye twitching*
11/28/2005 c1 2Rai and Key
Reion: -Insert - I LOVE YOU MIMI! You put me in this fic? I cry in happiness! -Bawls-

Kaikao: I'm in it too!...=D Just with my folks though.

Reion: -Clings to Mimi's leg- Kao, we must make another fic for Mimi...and many more! She has...like...many many fics dedicated to us! We shall make more MaRe fics to dedicate to Mimi-Kun.

Kaikao: Aside from Reion and me spazzing about being in your lovely fic, we really really love this fic. It's so cute, Reion and Mimiko are really really adorable. =D You must update soon, we're left in a cliffie.

Reion: -Grins- And you fit my personality so well, Mimi. -Huggles Mimi- Me and Mimiko are like...trouble makers. =3 Did I mention how much I love you, Mimi?

Kaikao: You did, Reion.

Reion:...I LOVE YOU MIMI! -Clings to Mimi harder-

Kaikao: =D Rei-Rei is such a cute nick name for Reion...We now have a nickname for Reion! Yay! xD

Reion: Rei-Rei?...I love it! C'mon Kao, we update for Mimi! -Drags Kaikao away-

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