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for Here and Back Again

8/9/2007 c2 0momijibunny0
It's so good! ^^ I love you all! Please keep writting and if you turn this into a MaxxEmily fic I will cry and send exploding sheep to your house! Muwahahha! Ahem...so yes please keep writing this!
4/15/2006 c2 TallyTERROR
UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! no pressure of course but i'd love it if u did!
2/2/2006 c2 Lily
I LUV MaRe! Pwease, don make it Max/Emily, I hate that bitch, how dare she try with MY Maxie!
12/4/2005 c2 1Cloaked Nocturne
12/2/2005 c2 15KiraraCutie
X_X no not MaxXEmily i'm reviewing i'm reviewing

i like this no not like Love i want more

MaRe are my favorite pairing!
11/28/2005 c2 25Akira of the Twilight
Akira: MaxEmily? AH! *faints*

Mimi: *pokes Akira* Kira-chan?

Akira: XP

Mimi: *worried look* You killed Kira-chan!

May: *kicks Akira*

Akira: Ow!

May: She's alive.

Akira: Oh the pain. Great chapter Mimiko. I can't wait to see what happens next. Now if only I had a doctor.

May: -.- You'll live.

Akira: You're so heartless T.T
11/28/2005 c1 Akira of the Twilight
Akira: *smirking* The plot thickens.

Mimi: I wonder who Mimiko's pen pal is?

Akira: O.o You don't know?

Mimi: Do you?

Akira: I have a good guess but nothing is for sure until later.

Mimi: Then don't look at me as if I've lost my mind. You now owe me a green car.

Akira: No I don't. Just because Mimiko can drive a green car doesn't mean you can.

Mimi: Fine.

Akira: *sigh* Looks like I'm going to have to by Mimi another plushie.
11/28/2005 c2 2Rai and Key
Reion: -Gasp- No not Max & Emily! -Faints-

Kaikao: -Nudges Reion with foot- Hm...She looks...dead. -Sets Reion on couch- =3 Really love this fic, Mimi-Kun. And if you need help with lemons, we can help...though we've only writted two lemons in our whole time, but a couple of limes.

Reion: -Wakes up- C'mon Kao, we must update Mimi's fic! It's been like...ages since we did and now that we have another laptop, we can! -Laughs evily-

Kaikao: -Blink- But-

Reion: No buts! -Pounces and clings to Mimi- =3 Very humorous fic, it made my horrible day turn into a happy one...though living with Kao makes it bad all the time.

Kaikao: Oi! I resent that!

Reion: -Stick tongue out at Kao- Anyways, got to go, deary. We must update your fic, and now that we can, we shall! -Laughs evily...once again- But first...I require pizza. C'mon minion. -Drags Kao towards kitchen-

Kaikao: Reion and me also have a piccie for you that deals around out fic "Femme Problems To Deal With". =3 It's MaRe, so it's not /all/ that bad. =D We'll email ze piccie to you and put it up in our profile soon.
11/28/2005 c1 Rai and Key
Kaikao: Aw, you give us too much credit, Mimi. =3 -Huggles Mimi-

Reion: -Grins and sets many signs of "MaRe Forever" by front door- C'mon Mimi, we've got to spread the MaRe love.

Kaikao: -Sighs and drags Reion away from signs- Reion, even I know that you'll be mo-REION!

Reion: -Snickeres and runs off with signs while dragging away Mimi-

Kaikao: -Blink blink-...Aside from Reion acting strange today, I really love this fic. =D And this ish coming from a TyKa fan. -Dances around in TyKa shirt-

Reion: -Comes back- Forgot the ketchup...But yes, really awesome fic!...Now...I've got fighting for rights to do and reading the next chapter of this fic. =3 See you soon Mimi..-Laughs evily-

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