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for If Things Were Different.......Carter

8/2/2004 c1 4The Unforgettable Sound
You're right, Final Destination was pretty damn cool...I'm kind of running it along with the matrix series and Decoys (alien show)and i haven't found my all time fav. film in the history of..good movies..

but enough about that

you're fic was an awesome fic. i like it.
5/26/2003 c1 shadow
I just love it! WHOAH! You're so damn great! Actually I've already written a quite long review which the fuckin' server here refuses to send! Buhuh! I hope I can send it to you later, because everything I wanted to tell you is in it! Oh Katey! It definitely ROCKS! Hey, guess what: you made me like Carter. And now I hate to love that dick or do I love to hate this asshole?Dunno... The first story of yours I read was BEFORE THEY HAD THEIR FD! I was tellin' everyone around me 'bout it! You're so cool! Been laughin' my ass off! (Unfortunately, there's a too big part left of it, f#+*!) That scene in the woods, with Carter considering Tod to be cute in a way :o) I could spend the rest of my lifetime reading your stuff, honestly! Hey, by the way, how can I reach you? (I hope, you'll get this one here, because I'm gonna destroy that server, if he dares not to let me do what I want to. No fear, just kidding. But it's kinda hard to have to write about two pages two times with your server destroying the first one and not be willing to let you send the second. :o( What is that? Death's design? The infinite plan? Wait, there's kinda a black shadow, it's AHH! OOps, sorry, just a rope hanaging from the ceiling with a big sign stuck on it, from ... some Parisian Café or what the hell!

Katey, keep on writing that great stuff! PLEEASE! Because what am I going to do when I've finished reading the last one of it for the 180th time? Read it for the 181st time? Yeah, well okay, I'd be quite fine with that, but ... hello... maybe ... you could write another FD-fanfic? Just a little one? A short one? Please, Katey...hey. Could you live with the heavy weight on your shoulders if I died of longing for a new one? Could you? Hey, stop, what do you mean by 'yes'? Yes? Really? Er, well, okay then. Then I'm gonna take a bottle of JD, let myself fall from the top of the stairs of Carter's house (oops, did I forget to say where I am?) and well, let him find me, save me, love me (the feeling, not the active part right now, helloo, I nearly died a couple of minutes ago, so perlease), kiss me, marry me ... okay! Anyway, please keep on writing! Thank you for having so much fun with the other fics! :o) If famous Katey-Kinz wants write a little weirdo back, the address is: Alex Browning, no wait, I promised not to say that. Get flashy-thinged 'bout it! Zip! Actually it''s
7/18/2001 c1 Jemzie
I dont think your sad or obsessive! Your hella cool from what I've read, lol! I love this story, I hated Carter. Sorry! Dont hit me! ARGH!I hated him cuz I was a Billy fan, cuz I'm the class dork and I can empathize. ;) lol

Okay, I always go off topic here, but your stories rule, Final Destination rules, I'm hyper, whoo!
5/3/2001 c1 21Jenna D
Yeah you'd better write stories for the other characters! These are so funny! ~J~
4/28/2001 c1 36Merton Lynn
i guess it was good intrestin
4/28/2001 c1 11Katey-Kinz
hi, just thought I'd get the ball rolling. So there it is. My pathetic excuse for a review. Please read!

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