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for If Things Were Different.......Billy

2/20/2009 c1 15LeonPianta
That was pretty dang funny!

You should make some other ones besides Carter and Billy! You are really good!
12/12/2004 c1 Billy
now I definetly have to say that it was great!it was funny the way Billy hot so annoyed when they tried to think up a name.but just to tell you,it doesnt sound like Billy at all!hehe its cool though.best I've read today
5/26/2003 c1 shadow
WHOOAAH! How do you do this? I'm afraid my knowledge of the English language is far too limited to find enough words for you. So lemme repeat myself over and over again! FANTASTIC!

Yeah, sorry, another one of me! Already hate me? But I won't piss off, I just can't! But, don't ya worry, I'm really harmless. Muahahaha! No, I'm not gonna act out like someone we all know very well because he was played by someone we all know very well. First letter: S. ending: tan. (Or first letters: D, last ones: evonSawa.) I'm not gonna send you some tape or crap tellin' you 'bout killin' my girlfriend (okay, in my case: boyfriend). "Hey Slim, I drank a fifth of vodka, you dare me to drive? Ya know that song by Phil Collins 'In the air tonight' 'bout that guy who could've saved that other guy from drowning but didn't (...) that's kinda how this is, you could've rescued me from drowning, now it's too late, I'm on a thousand downers now, I'm drousy. And all I wanted was a lousy letter or a call, I hope you know I ripped all your pictures of the wall!" No. I'm NOT that way. Believe me. Hey, by the way, you let Eminem die ? Wait, maybe I AM kinda one of 'these' fans... no, considering it while drinkin' a bottle of JD, noIshingyahvnuthintbafrof, eerr, I mean, no way. Sorry, che jay dee ya know ... fuckin' alcohol.

Anyway. After that long useless middlepart I just wanna tell you once more how amazing it was! Billy Superrockstarheroe. God, did I hate Stiffler in 'American Beauty ... Pie`(:o) . He was so bah, even too bah to like him for how bah he was. Got me? Sorry, didn't take my pills. And since Carter finally laid off the JD there are so many bottles left his girlfriend refuses to ... eer, what's Alex gonna say when he reads this? Ops ... Oh my God, I'm so dead. Nice to have had the opportunity to read your BIG ONES before! Well, what can a half-dead tell you? Keep me in mind, world, that doesn't know me. Me, the dorkhead. And like all the other ones are or should be: I'm proud of it. Sorry, Carter's a great movie-figzre, but in reality I hate ths guys, thinkin' they are so ace! Fuck them! Nevertheless, to steal once again from one of my favorite quotes: "The day wouldn't have been the same without him. High School wouldn't have been the same without him." Guess where it's from. However, finally leave you here to go to Alex and confess. He's gonna something to punish me. He always does. And it's always great for me. Really ... Muahahaha (should I tell him that having sex with him is is not a real torture? Hm ... no. No way. Wait, did I say that aloud? Fuckin' shit. Okay, look into the read laser, all of you and then, when Agent Schreck's hayfever-attack's finally over (still laughin'), all of you'll be able to try the brandnew game. Which you actually already do. So look straight! Bszip!Fine! Go home and be happy.

See ya maybe. Write me if you like to.

Shadow, the weirdo

7/18/2001 c1 Jemma
lol! dude, you're so funny! How do you do it? :)
6/25/2001 c1 Frost11
That was pretty damn funny man. Billy, being a rock star, instead of being killed by the train, good idea man. You should also write some more.
5/3/2001 c1 21Jenna D
Oh, LOL! That was great! ~J~
4/28/2001 c1 11Katey-Kinz
hi. I wrote this, that's all I have to say

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