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12/4/2005 c7 undeadgirlxx
Wow Short chappies...me want longer ones! puh-wease! I'll review and read every single one! puh-wease!
12/4/2005 c6 undeadgirlxx
oo-oo! I do! I do! I hate Masaya! In a story I wrote(Not on FF yet) I make Itchigo go over to Kishu's side and she try's to kill him! (Masaya)
12/4/2005 c5 undeadgirlxx
wo we gots some anger issues there! Heh I loved it!
12/4/2005 c4 undeadgirlxx
Scary! Yikes!
12/4/2005 c3 undeadgirlxx
LOL that was so funny!
12/4/2005 c2 undeadgirlxx
Me: I'll save you!

Greentotoyo: *cheers* Thank you!

Ryou: SHUT-UP!

ME: Make me!*pulls a bazooka out of nowhere* Now ya wanna yell at me? Just go a head I'll shoot ya to the moon!

Ryou: *sweatdrop*O-okay calm down.*whispers to himself* Man and I thought I had an anger problem!

Me: WHAT WAS THAT?*loads bazooka and ready to fire*

Ryou: *sweatdrop* N-n-nothing.

Me: Now if you yell at 'er one more time...BANG! STRAIGHT TO THA MOON! GOT THAT?

Ryou: Y-yeah, o-okay.*scared*

Me: Good boy! I like you when tou are couaring in fear! *laughs maniacly*

Greentotoyo: *whispers* Now I might have to save him.
12/4/2005 c1 undeadgirlxx
! That was so hilarious! That is so not like Kishie...but I don't care! It was good!
12/1/2005 c7 4Mew of Fire
hey! great job! i hate masaya too! and i love blink182 and green day! please write more!
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