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for A Mixed Love Story

4/14/2012 c9 Inuyashiisawesome
This is the best story I have read thought the whole of FanFiction. F.Y.I update more. Want to read more chapters. Love the story.
9/15/2010 c9 3flawed beauty
heya! i love your remix, keep it up!
8/28/2009 c9 1BreGyrl23
hurry up with chapter 10 on a mixed love story !
12/14/2008 c1 9Kuddle.Cakes

I am aware that you have read Chapters 1-16 of Casino.

The story that it posted to Kagome32Shrine.

Well, that account was deleted, but I do have another account where the story is now up and Chapter 17 has been posted.

The new account it this as is:


Please continue to read the story.

I'm sure you'll love it.
8/20/2008 c9 84Blue Kitsune
Hey this is good keep going! Please please
9/23/2007 c9 wastelander1230
i realy like your story keep up the good work
4/28/2007 c2 6Prince Raiden Ruler of thunder
i like the story

Yay it's funny

funny but... weird
11/30/2006 c8 6The Zutara Critic

i am keeping this story on update!

o so sad *sob* katara and YAY jet died evil $%#*$#!

zuko= super hot w/o a scar.
11/29/2006 c5 The Zutara Critic

dont stop till u finish!
8/7/2006 c9 38almostinsane
Everybody feels the way you do. How about this: I can write one chapter or come up with an idea for the next chapter. You can post it and see where it goes from there.
6/6/2006 c8 almostinsane
Great story! Update soon!
4/30/2006 c8 sayuri-seya492
i was wondering what happened to this story...

good job on the Zutara romance...

4/30/2006 c8 1DrEaMiNoFjUsTu
hey dear friend of mine who luv ducky, i alreadi new the beginnin 2 this chap cuz u rote it while i was sitten nex 2 u in class! once again u made this chap wantin 2 find out wut happens nex, finally u updated ive been buggin u so long 4 ur reviewers, sry ppls shes a slow poke and stuff hav been goin on. hmm lik the necklace, lol! ok well again this is anothr long review! ok ur gunna update sooner 4 the ppls and me, but i sumtimes get 2 c wut u rite b4 hand, so thats always fun! i gotta get u 2 rite a bit faster w/o stupid riters blok, i hate it, it happened 2 me a few times, it sux! hmm i hope u get lots of reviews, u deserve it 4 riten this gr8 story! ok well i will ttyl of course, bi bi, lyl! ur friend who luv dilly, of course!
4/30/2006 c8 jewelledhunter
That was so sad and miserable. I like the way you tie it in with Zuko's scar.
4/30/2006 c8 13AquaBurst
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