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10/1/2008 c12 14crazedchick
this is one of the best stories that I have read so far.

Please update it as soon as you can!
4/7/2008 c12 38tamara72
Just started reading this today, but I like it very much. Looking forward to your next chapter.
1/27/2008 c11 quidditch7 not signed in
So I just re-read this story and all I have to say it- update update update! hehe :)

Ok, I do have a quick question. It seemed like Hermione and Ron were doing better, why the backward progress right now. And yes I realize that 'backward progress' might possibly be an oxymoron. haha. Ok, well I've already reviewed this chapter. So I'm going to stop typing now.

1/8/2008 c11 musefan
I decided to read this story too. And woah it deserves so many more reviews. I think the main problem is that people see that you didn't even bother to capitalize the title or spend much time on the summary, so they think the story wont be good, so they don't even bother clicking into it. But woah-woah would they be wrong. This is a very powerful story. Really and truly, it is.
10/27/2007 c11 13quidditch7
Oh my goodness...the closing line of this chapter made me cry so hard.

Gah...I want to just feel bad for Hermione...but I am actually starting to feel worse for Ron...he lost his sister and made the stupid decision to go get revenge...but it was something he and Harry felt they needed to do- and no one would've been able to stop Harry and I'm sure thats another reason Ron went with him.

Wow...awesome story though...I love it so much..there is just something about this story that makes me want to read it over and over again. I hope you update soon!

My two favorite lines:

(All I see is that night, me sitting in the same spot as Ron now and crying so hard that I thought I may die, the ache in my chest slowly crushing me stopping me from breathing.)

(“Me?” I say looking at him. “Me, I need you, you have no idea how much I need you.” I say reaching up and stroking my hand along his cheek, day old stubble grazes my fingers his eyes close at my touch.)- I wish she'd be nicer to him if she wants him so bad. But I know its not that simple. *sigh*.

Anyway..great chapter I can't wait to read more soon!

10/27/2007 c10 quidditch7
AH such a good chapter! I love this story beyond all else..I'm so excited you updated it :)!

The part where Elzbeth and Harry are lying on the bed was so well written. The whole idea of them becoming so much closer but at the same time still being held back a bit. Really, awesome.

And I am still so curious about Elzbeth's past!

Amazing story so far, you make Elzbeth really likable which is hard with new characters.

10/8/2007 c1 christy86
update soon
10/8/2007 c10 8Maeheart
Yay an update! That wasn't supposed to sound mean by the way it's just i love this story and I've been waiting for it to continue. Great work as usual! x
6/8/2007 c9 13quidditch7
Wow...absoulutly amazing. I loved the character development in this chapter. Seeing the changes in Ron was great..and though him and Hermione don't have it all worked out- they seem to be getting there. I love them together, and the way that he is so gentle with her is very cute and just like him.

Elzbeth and Harry...oh boy..they both have many demons to face don't they? Elzbeth is very confused and has a lot of questions that need to be answered about her own livelyhood while Harry has lost the love of his life. I can almost see them not ending up together in the end, but instead just being someone important and meaningful to help the other one get over their past. You know? Does that even make sense? I mean..I'd love them together in the end..but I don't think they will be. But anyway..There's definitely some angst to come between Elzbeth and Harry...and you write scenes between them perfectly...because when reading I can tell that there is tension and longing between them, but they are scared to do anything about it because they feel like they'd be betraying I don't think Harry is completely ready to move on and Elzbeth isnt in the greatest place. So yeah..absoulutly love their story..almost as much as I love Ron and Hermione's story in this fic.

I can't wait to read more, "Out of the Shadows" continues to get better and better.

5/20/2007 c9 10Avanell
I think I read part of this before...just refreshed myself. I noticed the difficult times you've been going through while writing this...I know this all too well. Especially in 2005 - lost 10 or 11 people, a few very close family members.

Let's work on Ron and Hermione :)
5/12/2007 c8 13quidditch7
Wow, I must say...that was one hell of a chapter.

Geesh...seriously. The dialogue was amazing...but it was also the things that were unsaid that made this chapter even better.

I loved looking into the dialogue. The dance between Hermione and Ron was UNforgetable, and the chemistry between Elzbeth and Harry is definitely bitter-sweet.

Since most of my thoughts are jumbled any way and I am working hard to not let the info. that I am the favorite go to my head (kidding kidding)...I will just leave you with my three favorite quotes of this chapter:

("Well everyone needs a hobby.")

("I owe you a dance, i owe you a lot but lets start with the small things and work our way up.")

(That's the trouble with Ron, he gets under your skin and no matter how hard you try and shake him he never lets go.)

4/2/2007 c7 8Zarroc

her dad's JAMES POTTER!


haha, i have no idea

update soon please!

3/7/2007 c7 11White Alchemist Taya
it must be sirius!
3/7/2007 c7 siriusfann1
I just read this whole thing and it's great. You are the best writer on this site.
3/4/2007 c7 13quidditch7
I loved this chapter...It was good to find out more about Elzbeth and her past. Now I am wondering who her dad is? Haha..I wonder if you are going to make it so that the reader will actually know the dad or if her not knowing is just valuable to the plot in a way that that is something Harry will help her work through while she helps him work through getting back to a normal life and the loss of Ginny..and it will bring them both closer. hehe..who knows (only you)!

But wow I was so excited to see you had updated, thanks a bunch! I re-read chapter 6 before this and so now I am all up to date again. Besides some small spelling and capitalization errors, this chapter was flawless. It was really great. I love how you describe the characters emotions and I hope Harry's alright. Not to mention I can't wait to read more about Ron and Hermione...their part in this story is immensely intriguing (especially in chapter 6).

Can't wait to read more.

huge fan as ever,

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