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12/23/2005 c4 8Maeheart
Really good! I'm guessing Ron and Hermione get back together in the next chapter? I dunno, just update soon!
12/19/2005 c3 3violet snicket
this chapter was amazing, it was like i were there, just loved it... can't wait to see what happens...
12/17/2005 c3 theressomethingmissing
I absolutely LOVED those last two chapters. I particularly love your interpretation of how things turned out in the end. Sorry for not reviewing the first chapter, I thought I had but it musn't have worked. Just one question - how is she related (not through blood, of course - unless she is and I haven't picked it up) to the characters? When Fred said that she's family or something, I didn't get it. How does she know everyone? How did she know Ginny, and Neville? Anyway, great work, and keep updating!

Oh, and please read and review the latest chapter of my story.

Merry Christmas! I'm a Greek Orthodox Christian - what are you? Private message me!
12/17/2005 c3 13quidditch7
YAY! I really enjoyed reading this chapter, I'm so glad you updated...this is really beginning to become an awesome story. I'm so glad that harry and ron are back..and the way you had them enter the pub was priceless..i loved it..and how you explained what they looked like..poor guys. and how fred said "the wanderers return". hehe i love those twins...those two flirting w/ cute.

I'm definitely interested in how Harry will first react to Elzbeth..and I loved how Ron was mad at Hermione for not knowing he missed her and that it tortured him he couldnt write back. so very ron-ish.

so did they get ginny's killer? gosh i hope so..poor girl she was such a great character. i bet harry took it really hard..well and ron too.

oh boy i am too excited to find out how hermione and ron's relationship develops..i could so see hermione being mad for a little then wanting to just get over all awkwardness and snog him. haha.

anyhow... i think it would be cool if you used the word "MUM" instead of "mam" but it is your story. your FANTASTIC story actually. hehe.

anyhow...Happy Christmas to you too! I do hope maybe you could update this or "flowers in her hair" after christmas as a late present to all of your readers! hehe. that would be awesome. enjoy your holidays! talk to you later.


12/16/2005 c3 8Maeheart
YAY! That was great update soon!
12/16/2005 c3 8Zarroc
good chapter, i liked it, keep reading and writing and post next chatpers soon, question, why is Beth's name spelt Elzabeth, is that important or is it just the way you wanted to spell it?
12/16/2005 c3 4R Lucky Crayon
wow, that's kinda funny, i can just imagine a mini harry verison crying in sirus's arms. well good chapter.

~Uma =^-^=
12/16/2005 c3 purple curiouser
first of all MERRY CHRISTMAS! although it would have been made my christmas if you did update..but you delivered a great chapter..i loled at the antics elzbeth had to deal with teaching at hogwarts and great ron and harry are back..hope to hear more from you after christmas!
12/8/2005 c2 8Zarroc
this was a really good chapter, keep reading and writing and post next chapters soon
12/7/2005 c2 13quidditch7
elzbeth is such a pretty name! i love it..and her character in this story is really cool.

tonks..oh wow...that bit about her not being as she used to be makes me so mad. i hate how voldemort changed so much.

and that bit about hermione thinking how it feels so long since she was in school. and her parents. wow.

geesh..each new chapter I read from you I wish I could write like you more and more. I loved the "what if" paragraph..I love reading about people's thoughts and what they see.

i'm not going to lie...this chapter seriously made my eyes water...all the people that

oh boy...harry and ron are going after the death eater that killed ginny? oh wow...thinking about her really upsetting..and poor harry who, if you are going by clues in book 6, was in love w/ ginny.

and poor hermione...and ron...ahh the war definitely changed everything. and that's the point that i write by sometimes with my two most recent stories i have added in how much the war has changed things.

but anyhow..this chapter was written really well. the last line made my stomach jump, b/c i love the idea that everything will work out for the better in the end.

yay great new chapter! i love these quick updates, and thank you for responding to a few of my reviews!

12/7/2005 c2 anja
good description in JK Rowling style

what out for typing errors and spelling mistakes!
12/7/2005 c2 purple curiouser
whoa so much angst and i like it..i really like this chapter about the problems between ron and hermione i hope it works out oh and some harry/elzbeth action soon.. btw i got your email and thanks =]
12/7/2005 c2 4R Lucky Crayon
Aw... that's so cute' it will because everything does' that is just the cute line EVER!it's just so sweet. Well, i really enjoyed your chappie, and please update soon.

~Uma =^-^=
12/5/2005 c1 R Lucky Crayon
hm... very good story, i like it, wait no... I LOVE IT

~Uma =^-^=
12/3/2005 c1 purple curiouser
i love harry/ocs and i think the first chapter was well written so i'm adding this to my favorites list update soon!
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