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for Celestial's Highschool Melodrama

1/6/2011 c2 4pureblood-ryamiaka
Wahahah! Taiitsukun! (^_^)She is the chairman?

I hope the students are alright when every time they see her.

I wonder when will Miaka be in. If she is neither Hotohori's and Tamahome's girlfriend...Hmmmm, I getting more curious! heheh

Suzuno calling for Nuriko. Wow...that's quite new. I wonder how is she related to him. And what happened two years ago? (another mystery! (^_^)

Oh before I forget! I love the idea that Tasuki and Nuriko are great friends. Back in the real series when Tasuki finally joined the group almost everything around them is so funny! heheh I love it! I love it!Keep it up!
1/6/2011 c1 pureblood-ryamiaka
Whaoh! I can imagine my school back when I was in elementary. There are only a few nerds, including me. heheh

But I have to admit! Its a nice start! And a prologue at that!(^_^)

So its not Tamahome and Miaka right?

I wish Konan High is real! heheh (^_^)I want Hotohori!

Will Nakago be in?
12/23/2006 c2 54JC-zala
More! more! More! This is one interesting fic! Please update.
10/1/2006 c2 7BittersweetRegrets
Update please! Your fic was quite nice.
5/28/2006 c2 Tacchan
Please update soon! The fic was great, I like high school type fics! And Taka & Soi? Ahahaha...can't imagine that! It's pretty interesting so update soon okay?
4/9/2006 c2 swtorbitter
plz update. i like this storie.
3/4/2006 c2 15xxAkikuxx
update soon please!
2/12/2006 c2 1Freedom9217
Great story, i really like it. I wonder what's gonna happen next, and are u gonna introduce Miaka? Is Taka gonna fall in love with her? Oh well, i guess i'll just have to wait and see. Keep up the good work! Hopefully u can write more about Tasuki. UPDATE SOON!

Tasuki rox!
2/11/2006 c2 Super Celes
The next chapter is going to be up next month! Why that long? But I kinda understand since I've update my fics one chapter per month. _ It was Suzuno? That threw me off and she was talking about Taikiko, right?
1/23/2006 c1 Super Celes
OMG...that was so funny. I'm guesing that girl you mentioned at the end is Miaka. Am I correct? It's gotta be Miaka cuz you didn't mention her yet. And Taka is going out with Soi? Haha...*rolls over floor laughing while Seto rolls his eyes*
1/10/2006 c1 dagmarron
This reminds me of Utena...
1/7/2006 c1 4akatsuki-hime
I'm a fan of fics that deals with High School. I'm getting excited so please update soon.
12/6/2005 c1 26Everqueen
Interesting, can't wait for more.
12/3/2005 c1 Stariko-Tasuki No Miko1
Hm...sounds like the kind of high school I wish I had gone too! :D. How many guesses do I get as to who the girl at the end is? It's gotta be Miaka, right?

Can't wait for the next chapter...BUT *sinister music*. I have to confess I don't think the school's security system is too safe. I therefore, volunter myself to be abducted by Tasuki *just to see that campus security is doing it's job, of course*! :D *sweatdrop*

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