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for Innocent Quarrels

10/31/2007 c1 2simply -v
:) thats how i actually thought the children met, if not like this, they probably met in high profile meetings, balls and what not :P.

Lacus too ^^
10/3/2006 c1 118Slightly Sinister Sinestra
OMG! I probaly sound like Yzak right now, doubled up and giggling like a maniac. That was Just. Bloody. BRILLENT!
9/23/2006 c1 Koji
Luve it!
1/1/2006 c1 waSAABI
NICE! I finally read it! Awsome...I love it, I love it, I love it! :)
12/3/2005 c1 mattthemoonprincess
fuuny thats all i can say funny
12/3/2005 c1 4decisive-conclusion
Hey! That was hilarious!

I'm not kidding, every single time I thought I was finished laughing, it would be funny again! Awesome Michelle! Write another chapter! Please, it was so good! Keep writing, you're awesome!


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