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for Punishment

3/24/2013 c7 71P.A.W.07
I always wanted Ronny to get his just desserts after the second movie. This was a nice, positive, story about Ronny I think. Lovely work.
11/21/2012 c7 36Hockeygirl28
wow i love this story you did a great job :)
3/24/2006 c7 Galatea
Hey, a bit sappy, but I like sappy! I only wish you had written more about the in-between years but, anyway, wonderful work. It's always nice to see that at least in fiction prejudice can be overcome.
3/24/2006 c7 23GalitMirav
This was a fantastic story! Awesome. There aren't enough positive Ronny fics out there. Keep up the good work.
3/24/2006 c7 9Mr. Typo
This story rocks my socks!
3/22/2006 c7 Sirokage
Nice work. A great ending to a great and original story. At first, I wasn't sure about Ronny Sr's sudden shift from anti-mutant to pro-mutant and I wish that could have been developed more. But I think you made it work. Very good.
3/21/2006 c6 5The Future Queen of the World
Almost over? I really wish you would expand this story to show the child growing up...a sequal maybe(hinthint). It's worth a thought. Anyways, I really like this story and I hope you update soon.


~The Queen
3/12/2006 c6 Galatea
Why is it taking you so long? ;-) Keep updating!
3/10/2006 c6 32GuesssWho
Oh, shit!

I really, really worry about all of this . . .

Great story, man.
3/7/2006 c6 28Nobodyknowsmenow
Lol! Cuteness! I wonder...
3/6/2006 c6 23GalitMirav
Great chapters. I thought it was interesting that you went to the mothers' perspective. Very well written.

Can't wait for more Bobby/Ronny interaction. Keep up the good work.
3/2/2006 c5 Galatea
Hey, it's me again. Please, do continue. I have hopes in the chapters to come. Keep writing what YOU think to be the best way and I am positive you'll do just fine!
2/25/2006 c5 20Deus X Machina
This story was a great idea. A very interesting plot. Good luck with the next chapter.
12/29/2005 c4 Galatea
Although I am a huge fan of Scott/Jean stories, I have to admit that yours got my attention. It reminded me of a fanfic in which Scott and Jean also adopt a baby with a tail, but while that good story dealt with the prejudice against mutant children, I have to admit that yours adds an interesting catch since the natural parents are known to the adoptive ones and everything else. I am sorry if I am bothering you with comparisons, most writers do not enjoy it, but I hope I am being clear enough to express that both your piece of writing and this other one I mentioned have really called my attention in being subtle in this discussion about prejudice. By subtle I mean that you and the other writer do not make a big deal out of prejudice with wars and revolts, you show what in my opinion can be crueler: the small acts in everyday life that many times are more revealling and sadder in showing human intollerance. I do hope you continue this story, for the interaction between biological/adoptive parents surely seems to have much more to tell. Keep doing such a job. Also, Happy New Year!
12/27/2005 c4 9Sidthe
Im sorry and no offense or anything but that was seriously ironic and funny.
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