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for Love Means Never Having to TimeTravel

11/24/2018 c18 sheepnz
Awww Loved this fic it is definitely one of my favorites and this has got me hooked on Fred and Hermione! I never knew they were so perfect for each other xx
10/23/2018 c5 OooO
The OooOooOO's make me thing of the Doctor Who theme
10/20/2018 c18 10RevDorothyL
I thoroughly enjoyed this! :)
9/1/2018 c18 Lost Girl
Cute, clever, and something else that begins with a c
This was a great book
6/21/2018 c17 19Kallanit
I really like this story — I've read it more than once — but it gets to me every time that Fred and Hermione made a photograph album of Harry's parents but not one of Neville's parents. I'm sure Neville would have loved that, too.
4/26/2018 c4 4halo4hire
After further review, the ruling on the field has been retracted. The previous halo4hire has been handed over to a rabid moose...(he tried to stab it with a sharpened toothbrush)
4/26/2018 c2 halo4hire
I do not mean to imply I understand the intent of the author's mind, I'm only curious enough to ask. Was this written before hbp? Or did you decide to nix slughorn altogether? Cause of so, can't say I really blame ya, his character was a posh kiss up that I didn't care much for. But he did mention teaching Lily so I was curious.
4/22/2018 c18 Barb
I really love this fic! Great job and yes I agree with you that the ending is perfect for this fic. Wherever you are keep on writing! :)
4/19/2018 c18 AbandonedAccount2022
I've very much so enjoyed this read. Thank you for writing it and publishing it so that so many people can enjoy it!
4/10/2018 c18 4Milkshake50
omg i love this story plz plz plz write a sequel
2/27/2018 c10 Pixiewithdocs
So many safeguarding issues!

But I am enjoying this story a lot, great twist on a time-travel fic and your fred-hermione is cute. just got into the ship and it's nice to read something meatier that deals with their relationship slowly and believably IC 3
2/7/2018 c18 2Camila Anna
1/31/2018 c8 StarsInHerEyes
yes hello is the caramel candy matty pattys
1/6/2018 c16 Guest
I like how it turneded out when they got back to the present. And how they get along with Snape again. Great story!
1/4/2018 c18 23FlowerChild23
Aww that was so sweet!
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