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9/10/2022 c1 3flusprite
this is a work of art, but i also hate it. exactly how i feel about kyman.
8/20/2019 c1 1King Doge
Absolutely beautiful
5/1/2018 c1 C.A
I love it 3
9/13/2016 c1 hardcake
6/30/2016 c1 7Iamgaytrash911
Hahah nice
11/9/2015 c1 22ChiioUnicorn
I know you wrote this, like, ten years ago, but my sinning secret otp is depicted so perfectly in your story that i just had to review. i love this so much. XD I love it. You nailed their antagonistic relationship in an uber romantic way that left me squealing on the floor like a fangirl. Congrats, you've reduced me to an Cartman/Kyle addict. XD But I just love these two so much, homo or not. Their interactions crack me up all the time.
4/16/2015 c1 anon420
"You KNOW that red is my second-favorite." lol :p I like that Kyle was coming onto Cartman here; it's rare to see in the fandom. Plus, adorable/flustered uke!Cartman is mah fave.
2/2/2015 c1 49AngelZ Of DarKness
I liked this, thanks for the great reading.
7/20/2014 c1 2Kyle'sJew
6/11/2014 c1 yxbhnj
awesooomeee i love it
5/17/2014 c1 11I Can't Decide On A Username
I likey dis story
4/15/2014 c1 serendipityrain711
LOL.."you know that red is my second favourite was hilarious. I really LOVED this Kyman story. I usually like when cartman is the more aggressive one but it was great to see kyle being forceful. Really enjoyed this one shot. :)
5/21/2013 c1 2pattiXcrona
NAY! i know that eric was the uke! and what purple button?
5/18/2013 c1 4ZombifiedWulf
I'm so glad I went and looked at the last page of fics lol. This was humorous. (:
4/17/2013 c1 Chase Buoy
LMAOOO! This is awesome!
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